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DNA by GØLD's - another gem of the GØLD's family

Why a new product line?

Some of you have already seen it, for many it may be new. The GØLD's family has expanded. From now on you will find three new products (beard oil, beard balm and beard shampoo) exclusively ONLINE at our new retail partners and

Why at DM?

When we founded the company GØLD's, we had the vision of placing our products in such a way that we could provide as many men as possible with high-quality care products. Our MASSIV product line, which has made a strong name for itself in barbershops throughout Germany and beyond, impresses with the best ingredients, a unique fragrance and simple, effective application - even with little experience. Our barbers, as well as their customers, are keen to acquire the best quality and persistently deal with the products.

The DNA Idea

A good year and a half ago, like every morning, we opened our e-mail inbox and were surprised that DM invited us to a personal interview. Right from the start, we found it very exciting to have a personal conversation with such a large retail giant, so we made our way to the DM main branch in Karlsruhe.

In an hour-long conversation with a very nice team from DM, the new SEINZ concept was presented to us. A shopping world that consists of three pillars. A stationary trade within the DM branches, where you can find all your products at a glance. Our own care brand SEINZ, with the most important products for men and our own online shop,, with lots of advice on everything to do with men's care.

At the end of the conversation, the question arose whether we could also imagine offering our products at SEINZ. We could only answer this question with a NO! No, because we have laboriously fought our way to the top with our barbershops in recent years and we saw and still see our Massiv line placed in the premium area.

After this conversation our heads were spinning, we were enthusiastic about the concept and saw an opportunity to implement our vision of being able to offer care products across the board. We met for a beer in the evening and after the third or fourth beer the idea for DNA by GØLD's was born.

Good products that serve their purpose and are also affordable for the tighter budget That was exactly our approach to the DNA line.

Care, gentle cleansing and styling

Our three first products cover the most important elements that are a must for every beard wearer: care, gentle cleansing and styling.

The products are all made in Germany and are full of natural ingredients. The smell will remind you of a slightly rainy summer day with a fresh lemonade. The new DNA line impresses with great results at a reasonable price, sustainable, fair and made in Germany.

We still have to get rid of one thing and make it clear: the products in the DNA line cannot be compared with our current Massiv care line. If you want premium products of the highest quality, you won't be able to avoid our Massiv line.


Bartöl DNA by GØLD's

GØLD's DNA beard oil bridges the gap between the tried and tested and new, innovative ideas. When applying, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the scent of the DNA line, which will remind you of a hot, rainy day surrounded by nature. The beard oil cares for the beard hair and provides the skin underneath with sufficient moisture. The beard gets a light, well-groomed shine. The fresh aroma of lime gets you ready for the day.

Bartbalsam DNA by GØLD'S

The DNA by GØLD's beard balm gives you a fluffy beard that stays in shape. The combination of shea butter and carnauba wax, which is mixed with nourishing oils, ensures a healthy shine and a smoothing effect. The carnauba wax also gives the beard a nice hold without the hair sticking together. The beard balm has a fresh, modern scent with an invigorating hint of lime.

Bartshampoo DNA by GØLD's

The DNA by GØLD's beard shampoo provides your beard with moisture and gently removes grease and dirt. The scent of the beard shampoo is reminiscent of a warm, rainy day at the beach. In addition, a note of lime is noticeable, which gives you a fresh kick.

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