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About us


Who is actually behind GØLD's and what is our vision?

Martin Morras Ganskow and Martin Kroll founded GØLD's in 2015 when they started growing beards in their dorm room. They promptly encountered problems such as itching in the beard and difficulty combing the beard. There were a few beard grooming products imported from abroad at the time, but the effects or scent of the grooming product didn't deliver the promised results. As a result, the two worked tirelessly on a formula that would make the beard smell good, relieve itching and make it easier to comb. Her first success was the beard oil Protect. Since then, the focus has been primarily on beard care, shaving, hair styling and balding care products. Ever since it was founded, GØLD's has managed to combine well-established recipes with innovative ideas and the best ingredients available on the market, setting new standards in men's care products. We are proud that we can implement our ideas in the best quality by working with several renowned laboratories and manufacturers. The products are also put through their paces by the best German barber shops, so that the product achieves the promised effect on the end user and can be used easily and understandably.

In addition to creating perfect products for men, one thing is certain: "We need people to achieve our mission". Strong hearts beat for GØLD's and the success of the company clearly shows: high-quality products can only be created if you regard people as equally important as the products in which we put a lot of work and love. - so GØLD's not only values a positive working atmosphere, but also accompanies its employees on their professional path.

Martin Morrás Ganskow

Responsible for marketing, social media content creator, business developer, idea finder and networker. He can even cook! 😍 Only when something handy needs to be done does he have to look twice at which dowel he should put in the wall.

Martin Kroll

Usually select the dowels and start drilling before thinking. Otherwise, he is responsible for web design, online shopping, financial planning and product development. Keep going, even if you get drilled in your hand (true story). 🛠️

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