Too much grooming damages your beard: Almost everyone makes these three mistakes without even knowing it!

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Put Beardo,

today's lesson is going to be a messy affair. It's about beard grooming habits and the fact that most Beardos probably make mistakes that end up doing more harm than good to their cheekbones. That's right! Probably the biggest problem of the bearded boys at the moment is not a lack of grooming, but the over-grooming of the magnificent mane. So pay close attention and be careful not to make the same mistakes.


richtige menge bartpflege bartöl überfettung hautpflege feuchtigkeit trockene haut mann

1. Too much beard oil

Sure, my little scented beard, Bartol smells so good. And the beard feels supple afterwards and shines so beautifully. That may be all, but there's a good reason reputable manufacturers only recommend a very small amount of beard oil. Usually only one portion, between three and seven drops depending on the length of the beard - per day!

And now be honest, little smeared beard. Instead of the three drops that are actually hip, you take a few more as standard. But that is not how it remains. Before you go out in the evening, it will be refilled again. Then like another two or three drops more. Some people have also reported to the doc that they refresh themselves at noon.
In the end, you smacked on enough beard oil in one day to last a week.
And that has very direct consequences for your beard hair and especially the beard skin underneath.

But before you start getting restless, the doc just wants to make it clear: You can't do without beard oil! But as always, the dose makes the poison. And too much beard oil will do more harm than good to your beard. Too oily skin under the beard favors fungi, ringworm and aggravates blemishes. In addition, the natural oils in your skin, which are still the best care for your beard, no longer reach your hair thanks to the constant oil film.

In the long run, too much oil even causes the whiskers to sit more loosely in the skin and thus fall out more quickly. If there is any inflammation due to the large amount of oil, the hair can even fall out by itself.


bart zu oft waschen bart reinigen pflege nach dem waschen mann

2. Frequent beard washing

Yes, little foam beard, you are a clean little fellow and you take a shower every day. However, you should be more reserved when it comes to beards. Because with every wash, you basically strip all the natural fat from your beard splendor, only to then replace it with far too much beard oil. dr Awesome knows he's always advised to wash your mane every other day with an over-fat natural soap like Gold's. But the last few months have shown that less really is more. That means: washing every three days with one-off soaping goes in the right direction. It is better to lather only once a week. Of course, you should still shower frequently in between and clean your body with natural soap, just avoid your beard and only rinse thoroughly with warm water.


bartkamm bartbürste kämmen bürsten entwirren bart formen

3. Wrong and too frequent combing

Certainly a favorite pastime for you and every beard wearer out there. But: There is nothing that damages your beard more than constant and, above all, incorrect combing! Why? Every time you fight your way through your splendor with a comb or brush, you cause small mini-traumas at the hair roots with the inevitable and hardly avoidable pulling. The harder it pulls, the greater the damage!

However, giving up combing altogether is not an option either. Because then knots form and it just doesn't look nice. It is therefore important to find a method that traumatizes the beard hair as little as possible and still ensures order. The Doc therefore swears by the classic metal forks from the Afro shop or at least a very wide-toothed comb. These versatile tools easily cut through even the thickest of curly hair without over-tugging. And even if you think that a finer comb is more thorough: you are wrong! Your beard will look wonderful and above all it will have permanently stable and healthy hair roots!

You should pay attention to this in the future

And now listen carefully, little Doubt-Beard! If you stop making these three mistakes in the future, massage the specified amount of beard oil into your mane once a day, reduce the soaping and only use the afro fork, you will notice a wow effect after just a few weeks: your beard will become fuller because less hair falls out, your beard skin will feel healthier and your beard will also get a completely new, softer texture after a while thanks to the natural fat.

believe the doc less is more!

Dr. Awesome

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  • Der_Rote

    Hey Doc,
    morgens Bartöl und Abends dein Wunderserum (Weleda mit Dexpanthenol) oder ist das zu viel für den Bart?

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