Magic mixture or greasy matter: That's how you recognize good beard oil!

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You have been using beard oil since the first hour and can you already assess which product is good for you? Then you are a real miracle beard. The vast majority of beard wearers have no idea what to look for when it comes to choosing beard oil. Nevertheless, they happily recommend any oils - without rhyme or reason. Your only chance to find out whether a beard oil is good or just crap in the bottle: Learn what the composition is all about.

What is this beard oil?

Bartol is the number one remedy for grooming your beard. It's a mix of different carrier oils and usually essential oils to add a scent to the whole thing. You knew that too, didn't you? But now it gets interesting:
When it comes to beard oil, there are various parameters that you have certainly not considered before. Even the most handsome full beards among us usually don't know exactly what's in their beard oil. And that maybe they only have such a gorgeous mat because they just got lucky in their choice of beard oil...

There are two important points that determine the quality of an oil and by which you can tell whether it is a good beard oil. One is the fatty acid spectrum, the other is the ability to spread.

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The fatty acid spectrum

To put it simply, every oil consists of different fatty acids with different effects. Depending on the composition, the oil has a moisturizing effect, absorbs quickly or spreads particularly well.

Each oil on its own does not make a good beard oil. On the contrary. With a few exceptions, a beard oil with just a single base oil will not adequately care for your skin and hair. That's why it's all about the right mix.
And some manufacturers should have informed themselves better. Because when oils are combined correctly, the result is an effective magic beard oil. If you dump the wrong people together, you'll quickly end up with greasy skin and straw hair!


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How do I recognize a good beard oil blend?

Orientate yourself on the fatty acid spectrum. This should be covered as broadly as possible to provide balanced care. Don't worry, it's actually quite simple. For example, almond oil and grapeseed oil go very well together because they cover a wide range. Of course there are numerous other oil combinations, but let's take this as an example. That's why it's enough for now if you know that there are three types of base oils and special oils that make up most of the beard oils in the world. We have put together the most common beard oil ingredients for you.

1. Oils with a high oleic acid content (replenishing)

Apricot Kernel Beer
almond oil
olive oil

2. Oils with a balanced proportion of oleic and linoleic acid (nourishing, protect the skin)

argan oil
Travel germ oil
sesame oil

3. Oils high in linoleic acid (regenerating, fluidizing)

safflower oil
Soy oil
grapeseed oil
wheat germ oil

4. Special oils flavor the basic mixture, so to speak, and have special effects, but are not absolutely necessary.

jojoba oil (long-lasting protective effect, cannot be metabolized by bacteria. a good companion for any oil mixture, stabilizing)
coconut oil (penetrates quickly but only superficially into the skin, creates a soft feeling on the skin, antibacterial, improves the flow properties)

Then there are beard oil boosters that improve the spreading ability of an oil. This makes the oil mixture more fluid and easier to distribute on skin and hair.
Only a few beard oils contain these because they are too expensive.

Squalan (improves the spreading ability of a mixture so that it can be better distributed)
Broccoli cream (improves the ability to spread, is considered natural, less dangerous silicone substitute)
hemp seed oil (increases the spreading ability, anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating, cell-renewing)

With a combination of the following oils you are guaranteed not to go wrong. Combined in this way, the ingredients complement each other, cover the entire spectrum of fatty acids and offer an excellent care effect:

Group 1 + 3 + 4 + Booster
Group 1 + 2 + 4 + Booster
Group 2 + 3 + 4 + Booster

That was quite a lot of material. But at least now you have the opportunity to see if your beard oil is a really good product or a blender that just mixes some cheap oils together.


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  • max

    Unfassbar, welch guter Beitrag!
    Habs probiert. Es ist eine weitaus bessere Mischung herausgekommen und mein Bart ist superweich!

    Vorher war die Pflegewirkung gut aber nicht sooo unfassbar 0.o :)




  • Pascal

    Super Artikel, lange nach einer solchen Seite gesucht. Hast du vielleicht ne Empfehlung. Nutze zur Zeit Mr. Burtons Bart Öl.

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    Hallo Dr. Awesome,

    toller Artikel. Ich würde nur gerne wissen, in welchem Verhältnis ich die Öle der verschiedenen Gruppen mischen sollte….

    Bär(t)igen Gruß


  • Patrick

    Vielen Dank für die Erklärung ? jetz wird geguckt was gekauft wird ?

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