Do you have a problem beard? This is how you stay in control!

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Sit, Beardo!

I'm sure you know that, little fuzzy beard! You've already smeared a borderline amount of beard balm into your hair, tried to tame your beard with mustache wax. But the curls just don't want to sit. A beard hair sticks out here, there is a strand across it. And after a short night and a dreamless sleep, the beard has a slight twist to the left - a classic bad beard day!

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That's why the assembled beard world is talking about the new Beard Control from GØLD`s. And rightly so! Because it was sorely needed that a product came onto the market with which even the most stubborn beards could be brought back into shape. A remedy that outshines even the hardest beard balm. dr Awesome has been testing Beard Control for two months now, has gained a lot of experience with it and will explain to you what's behind it and how you can go from a messy beard to a control beard in just a few simple steps!

What is Beard Control?

First of all, you have to change your perspective, beardy boy! Beard Control is a purely functional product. Beard Control is not enough as care. Since the Doc is mercilessly honest with you. 'Cause if you dr Awesome, you know that he actually attaches great importance to optimally caring ingredients. That's why dr. Awesome kind of choked up a few months ago when the Martins came up with their idea of trying something completely new.
But what was unthinkable for the Doc at first glance no longer seemed far-fetched at all: An unusual, absolutely harmless recipe without petroleum and silicone, which you apply after the care, which enables you to shape your beard and leaving him styled all day. Do without the care aspect? This small prize suddenly seemed to the doc like beard heaven on earth! Because by regularly using beard oil, the mane is already more than sufficiently nourished. A brilliant combination, Beardo!

Beard styling 2.0: How to apply beard control

Beard Control has a creamy consistency, is transparent and smells just like the Doc expects from a GØLD's product: Massive!

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Depending on the beard length, recommends GØLD`s one to three pumps. So far so good! That amount might be enough for little Martins, a massive Dr. But that's not enough for an awesome beard. Five pumps and none less. That's the amount the doc puts in his beard every morning. And it works like this:

After showering, oil your beard as usual (it works better, by the way this trick). Then blow dry the beard as needed or just let it air dry.

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t your beard hair is nourished and soft, pump a portion of Beard Control into your hand. Then you rub the transparent mass in your palms. It will become milky and you will be filled with the wonderful scent.

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Now run your hands over your beard. First the sides to the front to the tip of the beard, then from the mouth to the tip of the beard until everything is distributed. Finally, tuck the rest of the beard control into your beard and style it. You will already notice that your beard looks miraculously smoother, neater and more well-formed than before the application.

Don't dally, however, as once the Beard Control is airborne, it begins to react and solidify. But don't worry, little scared beard, you have more than enough time to style your magnificent beard in peace.

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Once the Beard Control has been distributed, you will already notice on your hands how the agent is becoming more and more solid and seems to stick. But that will be history in a few minutes. So don't let that unsettle you. Now wash your hands with clear water and dry them. If it has to be quick, the doc simply rubs the control residues into his hands. It leaves no noticeable residue.

Tip from Dr. Awesome: You can intensify the style effect by finally directing your hair dryer again, lukewarm and from a little further away, towards your curls and stroking your beard again with a dry hand in the warm air flow. First the sides then from the mouth to the tip. Afterwards the beard sits cleaner and more beautiful than ever. Word of honour, you little doubt beard.

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So that you are not surprised, the doc wants to give you a few more things: Beard Control does not stick your beard together like you might be used to with gel on your head. However, your beard tips may be a tiny bit rougher than you are used to after using it. but you have to be very sensitive to feel that, little sensitive beard. But that's a small price to pay the Doc for a beard that stays in the shape you gave it in the morning for many hours and often late into the evening!
Try it and become a control beard like the Doc!


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