Men's hats: These four classics keep your head warm in style!

Männer-Mützen: Diese vier Klassiker halten dein Köpfchen stilvoll warm!
accessoire glatze mann mütze hut kopfbedeckung stil style echte männer

Put Beardo,

Winter time is hat time. Because if it's cold outside, you have to keep your head warm. And if you belong to the polished bald faction, that's especially true. But which headgear is the right one, you ask, little Beardo? It's not an easy decision to make, as most people just peel off a scrap of knitting over the record and don't waste a second on how they look with it on. But that's exactly what you should really think about. After all, what use are the most wonderful heritage boots and the greatest pea coat if you wear them with a cheap beanie from the grab table? It's like taking a fine, well-hung rib eye from the Beefer and then slamming a portion of ketchup on it.
So that you don't fall into the ketchup trap in the first place, the doc and his buddies from "Rivers & Winds" three classics from Aschaffenburg, with which you are guaranteed to be right and which will accompany you through life for a long time.

moderne kopfbekleidung mann zeitloser stil melone mütze

The mother of all wool hats: the Stetson Northport

This hat isn't just a hat, it's a statement. She's the mother of all bald head cases. It gives you the rugged look of a dock worker while looking as natural as if you spent your childhood on the transatlantic line. Because in contrast to all run-of-the-mill hats, the Northport is characterized by a double brim, which is also particularly wide and gives you excellent warmth. And as far as the material is concerned, the doc doesn't have to mention that there isn't a single synthetic fiber in such a classic, just real merino wool.

richtige kopfbedeckung cap kappe mütze hut für deine kopfform

The newspaper is here, boy! The Stetson Hatteras

Flat caps are an elegant way to show that you can be well dressed despite the bad weather. It gives its wearer the charm of bygone years, when the chimneys were still smoking in Birmingham. The Stetson Hatteras is the absolute classic and offers excellent protection against cold weather. Only the ears are exposed. On the other hand, the most classic of all flat caps is so voluminous that it is almost reminiscent of a newsboy cap. This effectively keeps rain and snow out. The Hatteras are available in different fabrics. The Doc opted for the Harris tweed variant with a herringbone pattern. This cap is the ultimate for anyone looking for winter headwear that goes with pretty much any outfit and makes anyone who wears it that little bit cooler. And by the way: Who doesn't want to be part of the "Peaky Blinders Gang"?

Not every hat is a hat! The Brixton Hopkins

Yes, little Beardo, hats are a thing. Ever since second-rate Ballermann bards wore them and the advertising industry realized that you could print on the hatband, the hat question has been a pretty tricky business that can quickly backfire. It is therefore all the more important to make the best choice and, above all, to choose a hat that is an absolute classic, suitable for the cold season and whose quality guarantees years of use. The Brixton Hopkin is one of them. In the form of a fedora with a wide brim, its look is still so casual and non-committal that you never look overstyled with it, but it can still be worn with finer evening wear. The Brixton is practically an all-round talent that also protects you from rain and snow with its wide brim and keeps your head nice and warm thanks to the thick felt. However, wearing a hat like this takes courage, Beardo. Because you are guaranteed to be the center of attention.

goelds beanie bartpflege passende kopfbedeckung für bartträger

Be a piece of gold! The black beanie out of Offenbach

Admittedly, little trembling beard. The hats above are THE classics and always guarantee a good choice. However, there should still be room for a modern yet classic everyday beanie. Even if tradition doesn't play a role with this wonderful, black hat. Because it was designed brand new by the guys from Offenbach and has now gone into series production. What's special about this beanie: It's so soft, light and cuddly that you don't even feel like you have anything on your head. Nevertheless, it keeps you warm and protects your head very well from the ice-cold winter wind thanks to the fine fabric. In addition: Unlike conventional woolen hats, the GØLD's beanie does not cause the dreaded itching of the forehead. Yes, little scratchy beard, the doc knows from his own experience that this can be really annoying. The secret to preventing this is the synthetic fibers in the fabric which, unlike wool, do not irritate the skin because they are perfectly smooth. This beanie is practically the perfect everyday companion that cuts a fine figure in every situation without ever being overstyled. In addition, it is a real bargain at just under 15 euroschen, Beardo!

And now pen out, you surely want to complete your wish list...

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