Contours grow: That really tears it out!

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Put Beardo,

it's going to hurt a bit today! But you can take it, my little lumberjack! It's about a whole new trend in the barber scene, which revolves around those annoying hairs on your cheeks that spoil your contours at least every two days. There is a remedy for this: hot wax!

You think this is just for your wife? Wrong thought, Beardy Boy! If she can take it, you can too. You will be rewarded with a flawless cheek contour that stays clean for at least three weeks.

Two who are real beard wax specialists are the two Offenbach barbers Mr. Blackbeard and Mr. Smith. This treatment is now standard for many of her customers. They show you how it all works.

But be careful, Beardo! If you're not careful, things will turn out badly. Because in no time at all you'll lose even long hair. And then you have a cheese beard - with holes! So get help or go straight to a barber who can do it.

And now off to the wax pot. Stir!

Dr. Awesome

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