Don't worry about the summer heat: your beard takes care of you!

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again and again Dr. Awesome that you have to take extra care of your beard in summer because that's what they say. All nonsense! Your beard takes care of you!

sun protection

Your face wool, Beardo, is like your ticket to some pretty carefree sunbathing. While your clean-shaven buddies all already have a greasy sunscreen shine on their face and t-shirt neckline in the beer garden, you simply pull your baseball cap a little lower over your forehead. Because thanks to your beard, your entire face is protected from the sun. Sure, there are also arms and legs. But usually you are much less sensitive. Although the Doc does not want to call for people not to wear sunscreen, it is more practical if you always have your natural sunscreen with you.

Hairy air conditioner

The most frequently asked question of a full beard wearer in summer? Correct! "Isn't that incredibly hot down there?" Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Your full beard is the best summer air conditioner you can imagine. It traps cool air and insulates against the summer heat. So if you wear a full beard, you sweat less in summer. And by the way, it doesn't freeze so quickly in winter. A jack of all trades, your full beard.

A real insider tip: just put a small pump sprayer with water in your trouser pocket. If it gets too hot, just use it to wet your beard. The water evaporates and underneath it becomes pleasantly cool. A real treat for the hot days. Of course, it also works with a handful of water from the tap.

Insect repellent

Have you ever sat by the lake in the evening and had a nice beer? Then you also know why the whole thing is usually more beautiful in the imagination than in reality. Because from June at the latest, the mosquitoes come out at dusk and cause trouble. As a beard wearer, you can sit back and relax. You're guaranteed not to get a prickly insect crawling around on your cheek. Your facial hair is way too thick for that. Of course, these things can also sting your ears or neck, but overall the neuralgic areas are much better protected than with your clean-shaven buddies. If you massage in a few drops of beard oil with a citrus scent beforehand, the mosquitoes will leave you alone. You want to know why? Just keep reading...

Natural fragrance dispenser

Yes, little Beardo, your beard is a living diffuser. This is not because you have such an incredibly good body odor, but because the horn of the hair stores your perfume or eau de toilette for a particularly long time and acts as a kind of fragrance dispenser throughout the day. While your buddies start smelling again after a short time, your beard ensures that your desired scent lasts much longer and lets you smell fresh for longer. Give it a try. The difference between skin and beard is huge!

fountain of youth

Your beard not only looks great in summer, it also has an additional protective function, the effect of which you will only appreciate in a few years. Still, it's worth thinking about. Because a neat full beard not only reduces the risk of skin cancer, your skin stays wrinkle-free for much longer thanks to the permanent UV protection. And while others struggle with the first signs of aging after just a few years, your skin continues to look its best. This also applies to a limited extent to the skin on which no hair grows. Because your beard, depending on its length, always casts its shadow on your neck and chest area. This reduces the absolute UV radiation there as well. Only your ears are still unprotected. But who gets wrinkles anyway?

Of course you have to give your face wool a bit of attention between the swimming pool, bathing lake and beer garden so that it stays in shape and doesn't dry out completely. Nevertheless, less is more in summer. Here you can read why this is so and what you should pay attention to.

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