dr Awesome meets Ingmar Schettler: Tips from the mustache professional!

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The Doc brought you one of the best barbers in Germany today: Ingmar Schettler is considered the master of the mustache in the beard scene. Nobody shapes their customers' mustaches more artistically. with dr Awesome speaks the Freiburg barber about the meaning and future of the mustache and reveals which four tricks you can use to turn your curtain into a magnificent showpiece.

Doc: People have been talking about a comeback for the magnum bar for years, but little has happened.

Ingmar: I'll sign it, Doc! The mustache has not been able to establish itself in the masses so far. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the passion for full beards is still great at the moment. On the other hand, because many men simply do not have enough courage to wear a pure mustachegen.

Doc: So guys just don't have enough balls in their pants to sport a proper solo moustache?

Ingmar: It also takes a lot of guts to grow a massive mustache. That's a real statement these days. You automatically put yourself in the center and attract a lot of attention. Not everyone can stand it. You need a decent amount of self-confidence for that.

Doc: but you have this

Ingmar: In the meantime! I've had my mustache for three years now. At first I had to listen to a lot, especially in my circle of friends. But I just had to go through with it. The only important thing is that you persevere in the difficult phase of letting it grow and that you don't shave everything off out of desperation before you even have a serious length.

Doc: Not boding well for the future of the solo mustache...

Ingmar: I don't think so at all. The mustache will come. At the moment the number of full beards is extremely large. And most of them look the same because they all emulate the same or a similar style. I think that's a good thing in itself, but experience has shown that when everyone is the same, a movement that wants to stand out is formed. In my opinion, a clean shave is not an alternative. So try these individualists on the mustache. Because he still represents something special at the moment. And after all, in this world of beards, everyone wants to be something special.

Doc: Speaking of full beards. The Doc noticed that there are a lot of them, but only very few with a 1A Schnorres. Why is it that the mustache is so often neglected when styling?

Ingmar: Some just can't do it, others have no taste and don't even know what a mustache should look like. Nevertheless, they cut loose on it. The main thing is to some extent symmetrical. Many people pay more attention to the length of the beard than to a top styled beard anyway. The mustache is the freestyle of the full beard. The figurehead, so to speak, that immediately signals to everyone: Wow!

Doc: So the men just don't know how to do it? Apparently that also applies to one or the other barber...

Ingmar: Then we have the next problem: the barber scene has grown extremely quickly. Actually much too fast. That's why there are a lot of barbers out there who can cut a beard, but would give up on the mustache and just cut it to the best of their ability. The beard world is full of disfigured mustaches. It's not that difficult if you follow a few rules.

Doc: Ok, Ingmar, then give the Doc's students a few tips on how to trim their mustaches better.

Ingmar: The most important thing is the small triangle on the upper lip. That should always be cut free. Then the beard falls almost by itself and visually the Schnorres looks nicely divided into two halves. This is not just a huge visual effect.

schnurrbart schnauzer

When cutting, you should never cut in stages, but cut the hair on the upper lip to a length. This is the only way to get a really full mustache, everything else looks like it has exploded. So never take the long hair trimmer and shave everything the same length with the attachment.

schnurrbart stutzen haare oberlippe

And the right angle is also important when trimming the tips of the mustache. Many twist the hair and then just cut it off. After that, the men look like they have whiskers. Kind of unnatural. It is important to hold the scissors at an angle, almost horizontal to the mouth. Then carefully cut piece by piece. This gives the Schnorres a natural-looking shape.

schnauzer richtig stutzen schneiden kürzen

And what about mustache wax or beard wax?

Ingmar: Any serious mustache wearer should use something that will shape and, most importantly, keep the mustache in shape. Many men do without it, but such a small blob really makes a big difference. Many probably object to this, thinking it's just for twirling ala Dali. But that's not true, it also keeps the mustache in place in its natural shape.

schnurrbart oberlippenbart zwirbeln stylen

Doc: All possible manufacturers have something like this in their program. If the doc smears that into his curly beard, it lasts exactly ten minutes.

Ingmar: Everyone has to find their own means of choice. Like the Doc, I swear by the most classic of all brands: Die Hungarian beard wax by Stern. This cream differs from the rest because of its gum arabic content. It is distributed in the hair. Through the contact with oxygen, it attracts, so to speak, and a minute later the beard can be shaped. Better than any wax. In addition, the stuff is guaranteed to last until the evening without weighing it down or making the hair too stiff.

Doc: Thank you, dear Ingmar, for taking the time to tell the boys a few of your secrets.

And now let's watch a little film about Ingmar and his wonderful shop. Then off to the bathroom, practice, practice, practice!

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