Healthy beard despite the sweltering heat: less oil helps more in summer!

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Put Beardo,

Today the Doc is really heating you up. Because that's the only way you'll learn how to get through this super summer safely and above all healthy with your magnificent beard! You've read or heard the usual "strong oils" recommendations a thousand times. It's the same thing over and over again. The Doc explains what really matters and how you can use the power of the sun to keep your beard healthy.

Oil your beard less than usual!

There's no spitting left for you now, little shadow beard. Don't they all preach that you should give it a good oiling because the sun dries out your beard? Not at all! Permanent exposure to the sun does in fact ensure that the moisture in your beard hair evaporates more quickly. But you should definitely accept that, because too much oil in summer is not good for your beard and especially for your beard skin. Depending on the type, oil initially covers your hair and skin like a film. This can act like a magnifying glass, damaging your hair and skin more than it needs to.
You can minimize the effect if you use a high-quality oil whose ingredients are absorbed into the skin particularly quickly and do not remain on top for long. The Doc has had very good experiences with it GØLD´s-Protect made. Just three drops of this are enough to care for your giant mane in summer.
Therefore, take a slightly reduced amount of your daily dose in summer. After all, the doc doesn't want you to leave the house without any mane care. You'll see: it suits you better! 

follow dr Awesome's Oil Shower Method

To do this, after washing out the soap, massage the beard oil into your beard in the shower. Then you set the shower head to ice cold and briefly rinse your beard again. This ensures that the dandruff, which has been opened by the shower, closes abruptly and thus traps oil and moisture in the hair. This also survives the next sunbath. You can find detailed instructions for this shower method here.

Air out your beard as often as you can

In summer, the heat quickly creates a humid microclimate in your beard. Especially if you are active in the summer. Then sweat forms, which offers the ideal climate for beard lichen, fungi and eczema under the beard. That's why it's so important to use less beard oil. Because this can ensure that this effect is intensified because it keeps the skin permanently moist.
It is therefore particularly important to ensure suitable ventilation here. Because fresh air is poison for every beard infestation. Therefore, try to air your beard as often as possible. The best way to do this is to lie down in the wind from time to time and let it gently brush through your face wool. But even regular loosening with your fingers is enough for fresh air to get to the skin and the dangerous microclimate to collapse. It's just a small effort with a big impact. As long as you do it regularly.

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sun your beard

Your sunbeard really likes sunbathing like this. Because the rays stimulate cell division and your beard grows faster and healthier. Your beard skin can also benefit from it. The sun's rays that penetrate your jungle help the skin to regenerate, eczema heals and lichen disappears at once. The power of the sun can do all of this. Of course, only if you don't overdo it and get a sunburn under your beard. It's painful and can even cause your beard hair to fall out. So be careful!

Use salt water to condition and style your beard

You've probably heard it countless times: Always rinse out salt water after bathing. That's right. If only there wasn't this fantastic effect on your beard skin. And you should definitely take them with you. Because the salt film that wraps around your beard hair and on the skin underneath like a wafer-thin film on the beach has properties that you can make excellent use of. Because salt disinfects and ensures that your skin can regenerate better. And for the hair itself, sea salt is completely harmless. On the contrary: You can save a lot of styling products after a swim in the sea. Your beard will be held in place by the salt alone.

The only requirement: Rinse the salt out of your hair in the morning and oil it as described above. Because there is one disadvantage: salt dries out. That cannot be denied. So if you already have dry skin, you should approach this method.

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Be careful when applying sunscreen

Most of them happily apply cream without thinking about what that means for their beard. Many sunscreens contain silicones and are still massaged into the beard or carelessly applied to the contours. The Doc can't even begin to understand this madness. People like you, little fluffy beard, consistently avoid silicones all year round and, of all things, when it comes to sunscreen, they forget their principles. You should be aware of this and apply your sunscreen very carefully so that none of it gets into your beard. Then the whole waiver of silicone would be obsolete in one fell swoop!

And now, little shadow beard: Step into the sun and enjoy this wonderful summer to the fullest!

See you soon

your doc


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  • Lars


    Ich finde die Tipps hier meist wirklich gut.
    Sprecht ihr hier Bärtige Männer oder kleine Kinder an? Dieses “kleiner Flauschebart”, “kleiner Salzbart” usw empfinde ich als ein unangebrachtes, störendes Stilmittel.

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