For beards with a heart: the soap dish is made by disabled people

seifenschale holz ölen handarbeit schreiner

Put Beardo,

A bar of soap is the greatest thing for a bearded man. Because nothing softens your beard. Still, soap isn't always practical. Especially not if you are desperately trying to put the slippery piece on the edge of the bathtub after lathering it up. And the permanently installed soap dishes on the shower rods are not an alternative either, as the valuable soap simply melts away in them when you constantly “take a shower”.

A massive beard needs a massive soap dish

So a real fluffy beard like you needs a decent, massive one soap dishAnd because there is nothing across the country that really convinces the doc, he has summarily hired his two Martins to peel something suitable from the trunk.
And that's exactly what they did. The Doc is happy with the result. Mainly because it enables people with disabilities to participate in professional life.

The result is a block of wood that transports the water away perfectly thanks to specially designed, irregular ripples, thus helping the soap dry. The special ribbing also prevents the soap from sliding around on it. The guys did it really well. Once put down, it dries within a short time and is then ready for its next use.
In the meantime, the solid soap dish, made from a single piece of wood, can simply be removed from the edge of the bathtub or shower shelf to protect the soap from getting wet again. And thanks to the flat wooden base, you can place them anywhere comfortably and easily without scratching anything.

Made from a block of walnut, the GØLD's soap dish is a statement, far removed from the usual ceramic or metal soap dishes. This bowl is not only practical but also optically a different way and manages the balancing act between male lumberjackism and modern design. The burned-in  GØLD's logo is just the icing on the cake. It's all to the liking of Dr. Awesome and we're sure you'll like it little foam beard! 


Faire Produktion Behinderte Menschen Arbeitsplätze Holzschalen

Fair production so that disabled people can participate in working life

But the most important thing is that the soap dish is produced fairly. Because you can have something like this made cheaply in the Far East. However, the Martins did not choose this path, but a manufacturer that strengthens the local economy and at the same time has a high degree of social responsibility. The recognized workshop offers people with intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities the opportunity to receive vocational training and individual support. And that's what Dr. Awesome personally convinced on site. 

But make up your own mind about the production process. The Doc brought you some pictures.

Heinbachtal Produktionsablauf Soziales Bartpflege
hochwertiges Holz Seifen Handgefertigt GØLDs
Barte mit Herz Offenbach am Main Behinderten Förderung Bart
Zurück ins Leben Alltag Selbstwertgefühl Seifenschalen Männerpflege
Besuch in der Produktion soziales Engagement Hessen
mann holz arbeit schreinerei holzbau
herstellung seifenschale holz schreiner mann schutzbrille
Duschschale Seifen Aufbewahrung Unikat Bartöl
Handmade Beadrcare Behindertenwerkstatt Offenbach am Main
Branding Stempel Nussbaum Handgefertigt Seife





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