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put beardos,

Today we have something for the Schnautzer! Because those are the ones that give most of you headaches every morning. Because when the hair under your nose sticks out in all directions and wants to go everywhere, just not where you would like it to be, then a good day can quickly turn into a bad beard day.
Most of them then try mustache wax and at some point throw the stuff into the corner in exasperation because the mustache already looks like it has exploded after an hour or two. There are so many different ways to style your mustache perfectly. And that's exactly what the doc will tell you now. Therefore, my little fluffy cords, pay close attention and learn.

What mustache style do you want to sport?

The world of bar bearers is divided into three camps.

  1. Of the Perfect wears a mustache that is as perfectly styled as possible with a twisted tip. A work of art that looks cast in every situation.
  2. Of the natural prefers a mustache that is naturally grown, but still looks top style, but without becoming perfect.
  3. Of the Savage simply lets his scrounges grow and dispenses with styling. It can be done, but there is a better way.

Those who belong to the third category can already pack their satchels and say goodbye to the playground. The others carefully open up their eavesdroppers. Because you can now learn about the different types of mustache styling.

Beard Balm

The weakest means of shaping the mustache. However, if you already have an optimal Schnorres shape by nature, you are well advised to follow the motto “less is more”. Because the light hold is often enough to keep a natural beard in shape throughout the day. But believe me, Beardos, very few of you are.
For the perfect ones among you, the beard balm is no good.

Application: Rub Beard Balm between fingertips and smooth into mustache hairs as needed. If necessary, use a hair dryer.


Almost every manufacturer sells it, almost everyone touts it as the ultimate solution for stubborn mustaches. But that only applies to a limited extent. Because mustache wax is basically nothing more than a concentrated beard balm. One sticks more, the other less, but they all have one thing in common: At the beginning they shape your mustaches perfectly, after an hour at the latest the hold is gone or weakens so much that the mustache sticks out in all directions again.
And for the perfect ones: Yes, you can paste wax on it until the tip shines. But then the tip is shiny and you look greasy. You have to decide for yourself whether you like it. At least it works for a while.

In any case, the doc hasn't gotten his hands on a single mustache wax that hasn't given up on its own after a short time. And believe the doc, he tested a lot. But that's no wonder, because the composition is basically always the same: A mixture of oil or butter plus a type of wax.

Application: Use your fingernail to take some mustache wax out of the can and gently massage it into your beard. Never stroke too hard, because the wax creates a large pull on the mustache hair. If you're not careful, you'll end up with some sticking to your fingers. Once everything has been massaged in, get the Schnorres in shape. Warm, not hot, blow-drying can also help when distributing.


The term beard wax is a bit fuzzy. Some manufacturers also refer to products that are more of a mustache wax as beard wax. Basically, beard wax is something else. Its main characteristics: it has a creamy consistency, only hardens when it comes into contact with air and is therefore sold in tubes.
Both the perfect and the natural can be styled with beard wax. Only the amount of beard wax makes the difference between Wyatt Earp and Salvador Dalí. So be careful and better take it again.

Application: Spread a pea-sized amount from the tube evenly on both index fingertips, then rub between thumb and index finger. Then dab the Schnorres tips simultaneously with left and right, then stroke the length of the mustache outwards. This is how you optimally distribute the previously white cream in your hair. Once everything is distributed wait about a minute and then shape your mustache. You will notice how the beard wax becomes firmer and more transparent and gives support to any mustache, no matter how unruly, while remaining flexible.


This is more for the Horst Lichters among you. If you want to wear your Schnorres like the famous TV chef or want to take part in beard championships, you can't avoid the really tough school in the truest sense of the word: hairspray from various manufacturers in spray cans. The hairspray becomes extremely solid with air contact and literally pours your mustaches into shape. But be careful! You have to like the feel of it too. And then there is nothing left with flexibility. Natural beards keep their hands off it. Nevertheless, the Doc does not want to withhold this technique from you.

Application: The most effective way is to spray the hairspray onto the palm of your hand and then quickly rub the resulting puddle into your mustache with the fingertips of your other hand. Then style right away or the stuff will set before you're done. Others prefer to spray the polish directly into the tips of the mustache and then style immediately.

Beard Control

A new way to tame your mustaches is GØLD's new Beard Control. The doc just tried it and it works amazingly well, although it's actually meant for the whole full beard. But if you work an extra portion of it into the Schnorres, you will notice that you can also use it to bring your mustache in line. The hold is even stronger if you rub the control portion with a drop of beard oil in the palms of your hands.
At least a natural styling is possible with it, because the hold is not as strong as with the Hungarian beard wax. But for some of you curly beards, that will definitely be enough.

Application: Simply spread a pea-sized portion lengthwise down your mustache. If everything is wet, just keep your hands off and wait. After about a minute, style the beard as desired. But you definitely won't get stuck tips of your beard with it.

And what does Dr. Awesome?

There's only one answer. Beardos: Hungarian Beard Wax” by Stern! The Doc hasn't had anything else in his head for years, because nothing works with Dr. Awesome consistently good results like this devil stuff. And if you want to twirl up, the Hungarian handles it very easily and lasts the whole day. Basically, it only consists of water, wax and gum arabic and is therefore absolutely harmless. Only the smell takes a little getting used to in the first two or three seconds, some even say it smells terrible. But you can bear that for a few seconds. After that the smell is completely gone. Promised!

schnurrbart styling zwirbeln schnauzer bartwichse

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