Doc Awesome's Little Beard Comb ABC

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Put Beardo,

Be honest, little curly beard. Have you ever felt really satisfied after combing through your beard? Or did it pull, and in the end the comb and sink were full of hair - and you a little teary beard? By now you probably have a whole collection of combs and brushes that you bought in hopes of getting through without ripping half your beard off.
So now pay close attention and study Dr. Awesome's Little Crest ABC. It just comes down to pairing the right tool with the right beard.

So get out your pen and take notes! Will be asked later.

Do you even need to comb your beard?

The Doc says very clearly: No! It is also sufficient if you wash your beard regularly with soap and detangle it with your hands. But then you look unkempt very quickly! So there is no way around it. You have to get through the mat. Only then will the true beauty of your beard show, because combing makes the difference!

As often as you can

There is one very simple and clear awesome rule: Twice! And in the morning and in the evening. In between, you can use your hands to straighten any flyaway hairs. If the doc sees you combing your comb more often, there's first a crackdown and then detention until you learn!
The Doc doesn't mean to bother you with this, Beardo. It makes sense. Because every time you comb, you traumatize some hair roots. This trauma either causes hair to fall out immediately, or the hair roots are so damaged that they end up in the sink a few days later. Note: The more often you comb, the more you damage your hair roots.

comb or brush?

Brushes are a special case, Beardo! They deliver a really great result, especially the ones with natural bristles. But that only applies up to a certain beard length.
Unless you have a very short beard, you shouldn't use a brush, especially one with hard boar bristles. Because they protect the hair structure, but due to the close arrangement, you exert immense pull on your beard hair with a brush. You remember? First root trauma, then sink full. So if you've got a massive beard, don't bother and buy a decent comb,

What material should your comb be made of?

Each material has advantages and disadvantages. A horn comb, for example, is wonderful for your hair, but must not get wet. A plastic comb can be a worthy substitute, but then you need to make sure it doesn't damage your hair with sharp edges. A metal comb glides wonderfully through your beard, it doesn't absorb oil and sebum and is otherwise very inflexible if you get stuck. Many swear by wooden combs, but there are downsides here too: They're terribly fragile. So you see, doubts are appropriate. As long as you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages, little can go wrong when choosing a comb. The main thing is that the material is not sharp-edged.
And now read on carefully, because now it's really important:

Which comb is right for your beard?

You have to go through this now, Beardo. We're never gonna get through your beard properly without a little theory. Because there are a few key points that you need to be clear about before you choose the right comb. Because a comb must always be precisely matched to the beard texture, beard length and wearer in order to achieve really optimal results.

For example, if you have a very curly beard, you will need a comb with teeth that are very wide apart. This will prevent you from getting stuck and pulling your hair unnecessarily. Also, combing doesn't hurt that much. On the other hand, if you have a smooth beard, such a wide comb will hardly help you, because it is not able to organize your hair. In this case, you need one with closely spaced tines. This is the only way your beard will look well-groomed.

The length of the beard further exacerbates the situation. Because the longer the beard, the fewer mistakes your beard will forgive you when choosing a comb. But you'll notice that yourself when tears run down your little curly beard. So that you can remember it better, the Doc drew a diagram on the blackboard for you.

welcher bartkamm für welchen bartstil verwenden

After all this theory, you're probably wondering what comb the doc is using? No problem, Beardo! dr Awesome will be happy to share his personal favorites with you.


A Horn comb with medium teeth is something very fine. The material glides through the beard and provides a good combing result. However, it must not get wet and is otherwise quite fragile. It is not suitable for curly beards.

hornkamm bart kämmen

High-tech comb from Y.S. park

the absolute Doc's Favorite Comb. A mix of very wide tines and very narrow ones - one half for the scrounge, the other for the rest! The comb is extremely flexible, which minimizes tugging and is gentle on the hair. Absolutely awesome!

stylingkamm für haare und bart

Pitchfork from the Afro shop

An insider tip for all very curly beards. Looks adventurous. But no other tool detangles and combs a curly beard better than this tine monster made of metal. The awesome tip for absolute hardship cases with many knots in the magnificent beard.

afro kamm vollbart locken krausiges haar

The good old class of wood

An absolute standard comb. Not too coarse and not too fine. The wood does not damage the hair and it is handy and not very expensive. So to speak, the all-rounder for in between. Many beards swear by it.

bartkamm holz goelds kaufen

It always works with that

Every beard wearer should have a folding comb. This allows you to intervene on the go if things get too bad. But think about it. Then you are no longer allowed to comb your hair in the evening. Due to the relatively wide teeth, even slightly curly beards can use it. A comb with a wide range of uses, but not a specialist.

klappbarer kamm vollbart holz handgefertigt

Wild boar is not for everyone

Those brushes are available in different sizes. They are worth their weight in gold for short beards, but they are unsuitable for long beards. They distribute the beard oil evenly on the hair surface, but at the same time they also tug at your beard so that the hair roots can be damaged. So be aware that buying a brush only makes sense up to a length of about four centimeters.

bartbürste vollbart 3 tage bart bürsten

dr Awesome's insider tip

Even if you don't want to believe what the doc tells you now. But try that one Tangle Teazer out. This mixture of comb and brush has it all. The advantage: it combs through even the curliest beards without tugging and stretching the hair too much. No one gets through curly beards as effectively and gently as this plastic brush. Promised!

syntethische bartbürste plastik barthaare entwirren

So, my little curly beard! Now off home, clean out the bathroom closet!

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