A black paste conquers the world of men: This is how you make your own Black Mask

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Put Beardo!

Yes! It's about masks. And no! The theme has nothing to do with Halloween. Nevertheless, what comes next can be pretty scary, depending on which one you catch.
The new mask trend for men is currently taking off. One mask in particular appealed to those with beards: The Black Mask!

What's behind the wave and why you shouldn't paste every black goo on your pores is explained by Dr. Awesome and tells you how to make your own black mask. So get out your pens and take notes.

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What is the Black Mask?

Admittedly, my little black beard, the Black Mask is a real stroke of genius - at first glance. It gets its black color from its most important additive: activated carbon.

This acts like a magnet that attracts and binds dirt, grime and dirt of all kinds. With the Black Mask, however, this charcoal is combined with a kind of non-hazardous adhesive that is applied to the skin together with the charcoal, where it penetrates deep into the pores together with the charcoal and hardens.

The whole thing can later be peeled off like a second skin. The skin impurities and especially blackheads mostly stick to the adhesive and are pulled out of the clogged pores.

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Does the Black Mask really work?

No question, Beardo, these masks are real magic stuff. After use, the skin is noticeably and, above all, visibly cleaner than before. Even if you look at the peeled off skin against the light, you will see how much crap you have just pulled out of your skin. But there is a fine line between a mask that works well and is healthy and a cheap knock-off product that hurts and damages your skin. Because the market is now literally flooded with Black Masks. And on YouTube, a few experimental beards even make their own masks with wood glue. The doc probably doesn't have to explain to you that this is not recommended.
Because many masks have a real problem: the glue or the hardening substance is far too strong!
What is good and really effective at first glance is actually harmful. Because there are quite a few masks that stick so strongly to your skin that they not only remove blackheads and impurities, but all the hairs at once. Micro-injuries remain. The risk of your skin becoming inflamed increases. And in the end, with a bit of bad luck, the whole thing looks worse than before.
Some have already torn out parts of their beard contours or their eyebrows with such a black mask. You should definitely consider this before you spread the adhesive over a large area of your face.

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Which black mask can you use without hesitation?

That's a good question, my little doubt beard! But the Doc can't answer that in good conscience. Because too many manufacturers, many from China, are mixing something up about whose composition and effects little is known. The Doc has only tested one product himself and can recommend it to you without hesitation: BeautyPro Barber Pro Face Putty!
Because they use this mask Barber-Girls Fee Huber (photos) and Jessy Hartsoe from Waghäusel for their customers for months. The two are dr. Awesomes favorite Barberellas and enjoys his complete trust in every respect. They would never recommend anything that isn't good for your skin.
The two of them showed the doc how the application works for you: first brush meticulously, then wait and peel off. From the pictures you can see that the mask can be removed very easily. A plus because it's gentle on the skin and still strong enough to pull your blackheads out.

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This is how you imagine your own Black Mask á la Dr. awesome here

The Doc wouldn't be the Doc if he didn't have an alternative ready for you. Because a cheap and good Black Mask can be easily made by yourself. And you can be absolutely sure that there are no bad ingredients in it.
The whole thing is very easy. You can do it too, Beardo!

For this you need:

  • 100 ml whole milk
  • about 6 tablespoons gelatin powder (e.g. from the drugstore)
  • a tablespoon of healing earth (from the health food store/drugstore)
  • 1 activated charcoal tablet (from the pharmacy)

Once you have everything ready, mix everything together in a bowl until it forms a paste. Of course, you have to crumble the tablet beforehand so that it can dissolve well. The Doc likes to mix it all up in a mortar. This will make the paste even finer. Now wait a few minutes for the consistency to thicken up a bit so that it sticks to your face and doesn't run down.

black mask mann selbst verwende wie anleitung

Now brush the Dr. Awesome Black Mask onto your cheeks and forehead. Once everything is distributed, it's time to wait, wait, wait! Until the gelatin has set. Meanwhile, charcoal and healing earth do their work on your skin. You end up taking that stuff off yourself. Depending on the preparation, this will work more or less as well as with a purchased mask. But no worry! This does not affect the effect.

You may have to vary the amount of gelatine a bit to get the best possible result, but you can do it, my little whisker.

Now the Doc didn't hear the ringing. Hurry home. Testing!

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