shave one! This homemade beard scrub made from coffee grounds works wonders

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Put Beardo,

today you can really mess yourself up, little messy beard! And with a prescription from Dr. Awesome! This fragrant blend may be a real mess, but it's also excellent care for your face and - more importantly - for the stressed skin under your beard. Why should you smack that stuff in your face? The Doc explains it to you!

Dead skin has to go!

You know the problem with the red, itchy spots under your beard. Or maybe you've had eczema before. Maybe it's just tense every now and then. One of the reasons: dander that forms under your beard and stays there for too long prevents your skin from ventilating and can promote inflammation.
Now there's only one catch, my little scratchy beard. Just washing your beard, even if you do it with a good soap, will only partially remove the dead skin. You'll have to bring out heavier artillery for that. Namely Dr. Awesome's Coffee Scrub.
You can't buy the stuff. You'll have to mix that up yourself. And with very simple ingredients that you probably have at home: coffee grounds, sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice!
You think this can't work? Wait and try it! You will be surprised how good the skin under your beard feels afterwards. And how soft your face suddenly is. because dr Awesomes Coffee Scrub is not just for your beard, you can also treat your whole face and if you like the rest of your body with it. dr Awesome uses the scrub once a week. So the skin is not overloaded.

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The recipe:

  1. Take 4 heaping tablespoons of coffee grounds and place them in a small mason jar. Best with a classic filter coffee or espresso grain. Coarsely ground coffee can quickly have too strong a grating effect.
    Add a heaping teaspoon of sea salt, a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. If you have sensitive skin that tends to dry out, you can also omit the sea salt. However, the blood circulation is then not stimulated as much and the disinfecting effect of the salt is not as effective.
  2. Now all the ingredients are in the jar and need to be mixed together.
  3. After some stirring, a black slush is formed. Depending on how exactly you dosed, the consistency may vary slightly. The Doc likes it a little tighter. If the scrub is too runny, add some coffee grounds, if it's too thick, add a few drops of olive oil. The effect remains one way or the other.
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Well, my little apothecary beard, you have a ready-made scrub that should last you quite a long time with weekly use.

This is how you use it

Get your beard wet in the shower, preferably with very warm water, to soften the skin and open the pores. Now you reach into the potty and get yourself a good helping of Dr. Awesome's coffee scrub with your finger. Now rub this mass carefully into your beard. Massage gently and by no means harshly. You don't want to unnecessarily burden your hair roots.

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Don't worry, Beardo, depending on the length of your beard, you will have to touch it several times until the peeling is all over. Use your fingertips to rub your beard skin in small, circular motions. You will notice how the awesome scrub removes your skin flakes from your skin like very fine sandpaper. When you've covered all the areas, take your smudged hands and rub them across your face. Be careful and don't press too hard. You will already notice which pressure is comfortable for you. Once you've gently scrubbed your face, you can use the scrub to scrub your arms, legs, and torso. Just as you like.

In the meantime, the scrub distributed in the beard acts on your skin and hair roots.
Because the black mush has two other effects. The caffeine it contains penetrates your skin, revitalizes your hair roots and promotes blood circulation and thus the supply of nutrients. The olive oil acts like a cure at the same time and nourishes your hair.
Depending on how long you can tolerate the salt on your skin, you can leave the coffee peeling on for up to ten minutes. But don't be surprised: you just sanded the skin under your beard. The salt can start to burn after a while. You can take it. If not, down with it!

When the time is up, you simply rinse your beard and the rest of your body with plenty of warm water. After that, wash your beard as you normally would.
The doc has already explained to you in detail how this works best. And if you haven't paid attention again, you can read it again here.

You will be just as enthusiastic about the result as the doc. Because the awesome scrub not only ensures healthier skin under your beard, but also makes your facial skin look better and more well-groomed. But remember, the scrub is just an addition to your regular beard care routine. If you often have problems with dandruff or even itchy spots, you should also see Dr. Mix Awesomes Beard Serum. Together, both methods are an unbeatable team. The Doc himself has been testing them for a long time.

And now off to the kitchen and stir, stir, stir!

Dr. Awesome


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