The right look for your curls: what type of beard are you?

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Put Beardo,

today we are going to deal with the look of your curls. To be more precise, with three typical full beard wearers. These three pretty much cover everything that's buzzing around in the schoolyard in the way of full beards. So listen carefully. Maybe you'll find out what type of beard you are. And maybe you will also find one or the other suggestion to make your beard look even better.

First of all, it is important to note that the shape of the full beard is pretty much the same for most men. It's the details that make the difference. But you and your friends don't even notice these details anymore. The self-perception of bar wearers sometimes shifts extremely. Do not you think? Then take a look at the large beard groups. Whole hordes of Zauseln, who call themselves grooming beards, proudly present themselves. But there are also the others. Those who see themselves as wild Vikings, but in reality shave harder contours than Conchita Wurst.
There is a simple look rule with which you are guaranteed to put your beard in the limelight. Note: 

Is wThe bigger the beard, the neater and more orderly the clothes should be - and vice versa!

The Doc will now use these three examples to show you what is important. 
So take your fingers out of your beard, perk up your ears and find out which type you belong to.

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Der wild Bart

The wild beard is the father of all full beard bearers. So to speak, the silverback in the beard enclosure, the foreman in the lumberjack camp, the chip seller at the bumper car. He says where to go and has an almost irrepressible self-confidence. And that's what he needs when he's strolling through world history with his shaggy beard. Because this beard looks anything but well-groomed and orderly. But don't jump to the wrong conclusions, Beardo! Because wild beards also have something sublime, natural. They remind you that not so long ago you and your beard buddies discovered America on Viking ships. At that time there were no contour templates or trimmers accurate to the millimeter. Back then it was wild growth. Anyone who cultivates this beard shape today is closer to the real Viking than any wannabe Ragnars out there.

Tip: The wild growth is only effective if the rest of the appearance is all the more fashionable. The neater and more fashionable you dress, the more likely there is a contrast that puts you in the right light. This is why this beard shape is perhaps the most difficult in everyday life. Because if both the beard and the clothes are too wild, you will quickly be labeled as a small bum beard.

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The natural beard

The natural beard is at home in both worlds. He is, so to speak, a chosen one. A blessed one destined to wear their hair with pride. You can't just decide on a natural beard. It is put into your cradle almost at birth. With him, the contours are right from the start. The cheek contour looks natural, the neck contour as well. Because that's how hair grows on a natural beard. Sure, there are plenty of barbers who, with skill and a few tricks, can make your contour look natural. But they never pull it off like a real nature boy. The rest of the hair is of course trimmed, otherwise the natural beard will quickly become a wild beard. The sides at the ears are slightly shorter, then gradually merging to create a natural-looking full beard shape. It doesn't matter whether it's spade-shaped, angular or rounded. The length isn't that important either. With this beard shape, it is important to walk the fine line between an overly accurate cut and uncontrolled growth. The supreme discipline! Anyone who masters them successfully cuts a fine figure both in Valhalla and at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tip: The natural beard can be perfectly combined with the typical lumberjack style: checked shirts, blue jeans, heavy leather boots. By the way, you can read about what matters to them here. The combination is important, because if you dress too normal, the natural guy will quickly come across as a boring high school teacher. So set accents!

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The perfect beard

Perfect beards are the proud roosters among the bearded ones, the peacocks who show their wheels to impress the females and scare the males away. And of course that only works if every feather and every hair is in the right direction, has exactly the same length, the contour is always cleanly shaved and looks like it was drawn with a ruler. Seriously, Beardo, this form of bearded bear is probably the most common. Because she can really impress and captivate. Because the perfect beard signals to those around you: “I take care of my appearance and attach great importance to cleanliness. In short: The perfect beard looks by far the most well-groomed, even if it is perhaps no cleaner than a frequently washed wild beard. But it's the style that counts. And that's why perfect beards often try to straighten their curls with a hair dryer and brush in order to have a more even, more homogeneous appearance. They visit the barber more often than others or snip off everything that peeks out of the filigree trimmed hedge every few days. They are, so to speak, the English garden among bearded bearers. A work of art that is never finished, that always needs work to keep its magic.

Tip: The perfectly styled beard should have a messy counterpart. That means: you can wear a suit, but then you quickly come across as a savings bank employee with fashion ambitions. If you set a point of contrast with your clothing, for example with chinos, sneakers and a t-shirt, you look stylish and still like a real guy.

And what category do you belong to, Beardo?

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