Make yourself supple! This will make your beard as soft as rabbit fur.

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Your First Lesson - A Sleek Soft Beard!

Today you will be Dr. Awesome teach you how to wash and care for your beard in a way that leaves it softer than it's ever been. Sure, there are dozens of instructions out there on which remedies the beard can be particularly well cared for. Without the right application, however, you will never rise to the Olympus of smooth beards. To give you a little more knowledge, we need to first teach you some beard theory and take a closer look at hair structure.

What you should know about your beard hair:

Your beard consists of three layers. Only the outside is important to us, let the biologists take care of the rest! This outer layer is called the cuticle and consists of flat, superimposed, horny and dead cells. Looks like a pine cone. These scales are mobile and alkaline medium opens them. And this is exactly what you can take advantage of to get the softest beard ever.

Before we start, you need these three miracle weapons for our experiment!  

Bartöl bartpflege juckender bart piksender bart

Thoroughly wash your beard with beard soap:

Get that beard wet - Dr. Awesome recommends very warm water. Your best bet is to get a natural soap like GØLD's beard soap, so it works best. Now lather your beard properly until stiff foam forms. 

Take care of your fingernails, we don't want to damage the hair roots. Leave the foam on for about a minute. The alkaline environment now opens the pine cone, as if you put it on the heater in winter. Now wash the soap thoroughly with warm water. Your beard will now feel rough, dull, and kind of squeaky.

Beard care for a soft beard:

Now massage yours Bartol in the whiskers. But stay in the shower for that, we still need it. Take 4 to 15 drops depending on beard length. You know how that works. The hair absorbs the oil like a sponge. It gets through the opened scales exactly where it should go.

The trick for a super soft beard:

Now pay close attention! Once you've massaged in the oil, turn your shower back on. But this time as cold as you can. dr Awesome is sure to keep you ice cold playing. Then you briefly rinse the freshly oiled beard with cold water. Due to the cold, the scales suddenly attach themselves and lock the oil in the beard hair. You will already notice that your beard is softer than ever. Have fun testing, you will love it!


And here is the short guide again:

Wash hot, soap up, wash out hot, apply oil, rinse in ice cold, done.

And now off to the shower!



  • Martin

    Hallo, werde ich jedenfalls ausprobieren. Aber eine Frage: Den Bart vor dem Ölen trocken tupfen, nicht ins klitsch-nasse Haar, oder?

  • Sebastian

    Danke für die Tipps! Zur Aleppo-Seife hat Wikipedia allerdings auch einige Infos, die für empfindliche Personen wichtig sein könnten:

    „Einige Menschen reagieren auf das Lorbeeröl, das insbesondere das Kontaktallergen Costunolid enthält,2 allerdings allergisch. Auch die potenziell allergen wirkenden Sesquiterpenlactone Dehydrocostuslacton, Eremanthin,3 Laurenobiolid4 und Zaluzanin D5 können in dem Öl und damit in der Seife in unterschiedlichen Graden enthalten sein“


    „Zur „Erhaltung der Volksgesundheit“ untersagte die Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft durch Richtlinie 76/768/EWG ihren Mitgliedstaaten 1976, Kosmetika in Verkehr zu bringen, die Lorbeeröl enthalten (Anhang II, Nr. 359).6 Dem folgte 2009 die EG-Verordnung Nr. 1223 (Lorbeeröl dort ebenfalls in Anhang II, „Liste der Stoffe, die in kosmetischen Mitteln verboten sind“, Nr. 359).7 Insoweit könnten Herstellung, Vertrieb und Handel der lorbeerölhaltigen Aleppo-Seife als kosmetisches Mittel innerhalb der Europäischen Union offiziell untersagt sein.“


  • Martin

    Der absolute Hammer! Das hat meinem Bart ein erhebliches Upgrade gegeben. Ich werde meinen Bart nicht mehr anders waschen und ich habe viel probiert, nix hatte auch nur einen ähnlichen Effekt. Am nächsten Tag sieht der Bart immer noch Top aus… der Hammer

  • Max

    Film de die Tipps richtig geil, lieben Dank dafür.

  • Steffen

    Hi und was mache ich nachdem in nochmal eiskalt durch gespült habe? Abtupfen oder was mache ich? Zudem ich ja sonst auch balsam/pomade rein mache noch für mehr halt

    Danke und lg

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