Cut your own beard: The 3 biggest mistakes when cutting a beard!

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Put Beardo,

the doc is a bit worried about all the guys out there who shape their own beards. Basically there is nothing to be said against it. At least not if you understand something about it. But too many small do-it-yourself beards simply pick up a pair of craft scissors and snip their curls to pieces. The sad results are then proudly presented on Facebook or Insta. Seriously, Beardos! What is shown is a sacrilege against the spirit of the beard!

That's why it's time the Doc got you and your buddies out of the loop once and for all. So watch out and be careful: you shouldn't shoot these three big goats when you're trimming your beard!


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Cut away the undercoat

boy boy boy This mistake is the worst of all mistakes that a proud bearded man can make when he pulls out the scissors himself. Nevertheless, it is also the most common mistake that barber refusers make. And that again and again.

The problem: most of them want a neat beard contour around their necks and therefore like to cut too high instead of leaving the wool standing. They do this because they are guided by a classic trimmed three-day beard. But that's where the mistake lies. You have a full beard. And a full beard always has its own rules. And that is: Leave the undercoat. As much as you can! Have courage, my little, fear-beard. The Doc does the same and is rewarded with a full, opaque mane.
If you still use the scissors, you will get a shocking result. Because without an undercoat, even the most massive beard becomes a miserable, translucent and, above all, narrow something that looks like a misfortune from the side, protruding unnaturally to the front.

Note: Set the neckline as low as possible to get as much volume in the beard as possible. That works wonders!

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Trim cheek fur too far up

It's all well and good if you, as a diligent Stutz-Beard, like to come along Scissors and long hair trimmer optimize your curls. But mostly bearded people and even some barbers make a bad mistake. They crop the sides way too high instead of letting the hair grow long.
The result: Instead of a thick beard, the doc sees the white skin of the beard shimmering through on these gentlemen at a distance of ten meters. From the front, this may look quite good in the mirror. But that's not how you achieve volume for a long full beard, Beardo! It gets particularly bad with those who shorten the sides in this way and leave them long in the chin area. Instead of a neat, rounded shape, the whole thing curves inwards towards the tip of the beard. The Doc has rarely seen anything more stupid. Nevertheless, this self-made look can be seen in the beard groups every day. The reason these people give for this crazy snipping technique is that they don't want the beard to grow so wide. But since the Doc can only smile mildly. A bit of balm puts the hair on. The advantage: It doesn't immediately look like you have hair loss on the sides.

Note: Let the cheeks grow! This ensures a dense, full beard.

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Wrong clipping of the mustache tips

A real snippet drama that the doc has to watch far too many bar bearers. And honestly, my little beard friends: Even a barber used this worst of all cutting techniques on the Doc. After that, Dr. Awesome first back to his barber of trust so that he can fix it again.
You know the problem. And the solution sounds so simple. The Schnorres has become too long and the tips have to be shortened. So again and again the ignorant take the tips between their fingers, twirl them and then snap! The result is reminiscent of a cat with exploded whiskers. Nobody wants that.

Note: When trimming the Schnorres tips, always cut from the inside out with the scissors - parallel to the mouth, so the outer hairs stay longer and the inner ones are trimmed.

Write that behind your ears, Beardos!
Next time the Doc will ask.

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