Longer, thicker, faster: This beard growth cocktail helps!

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Admit it! You often look at your beard with concern. Tousle your fingers through the curls. Looking for bright spots. Scowl at every single hair that has fallen out and gets caught in your comb. So what to do if the beard doesn't grow thick enough, the hair doesn't sprout strong enough or even unsightly gaps can be seen?

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If you're looking for answers, you'll be bombarded with information from all sorts of experts: eat healthier, train harder, sleep longer, have more sex. The main thing is to boost testosterone. That's the same standard advice that everyone wants to smear on your beard.

That's all well and good. But who wants to change their whole life right away, spending their free time pumping and eating chicken to even feel a minimal effect?

What you need is a real insider tip. We'll tell you a recipe that will make your beard bigger and more beautiful. And in such a way that you really feel the difference. And one more thing: This remedy will make your existing hair more beautiful. It can't put extra hair roots in your face!

Care for your beard from the inside

Of course, if you eat healthily, you will at least have no deficiency symptoms. But it's even better. Because some substances have a positive effect on the health of your hair roots, make your hair thicker and can even stimulate growth.

So that you know which substances are important, below you will find a rough, simplified overview of the most important ingredients and their effects:

This substance is an amino acid that hair keratin is made of and is particularly important for the growth of your beard.

In addition to L-cysteine, methionine is the second important amino acid and is responsible for hair growth. A deficiency can lead to reduced hair formation.

pantothenic acid
This vitamin, also called vitamin B5, is responsible for cell structure and cell division and is involved in hormone metabolism.

This B vitamin is already known for its positive effects on the beard. It promotes overall hair growth. Many also report a positive influence on the structure of the hair.

This substance has a very special effect on your beard. It causes your hair to grow thicker, ultimately resulting in a fuller coat.

Zinc is responsible for the formation of collagen, an important component of hair. It also ensures that the hair is firmly anchored in the skin.

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After a long and intensive consultation we can give you one Beard Growth Cocktail recommend that you can put together yourself and that contains all of the above-mentioned substances in a decent dose - without paying you stupid and stupid for it.

Your daily dose consists of one capsule each of these three remedies. With biotin and zinc, it doesn't depend on the brand. Cost point: currently a whopping ten euros per month! Now all you have to do is remember to take your super cocktail regularly.

After a short time you will notice that you will lose less beard hair and that you will find fewer hairs in your comb or brush when combing. In addition, after a few weeks you will notice that your hair is growing a little faster than before.

But one last thing - we are not doctors and give you these tips based on personal experience. You take this supplement at your own risk. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate one of these over-the-counter remedies, always ask a doctor before taking it.

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    Die aktuellen Doppelherz Haar Intensiv Produkte enthalten bereits Biotin (500yg) und bei normaler Ernährung auch mehr als ausreichend Zink (5mg)
    Monatliche Kosten sind grob 4€

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