People with a beard suffer particularly badly from hay fever: It's that easy to stay in control!

Bartträger leiden besonders heftig unter Heuschnupfen:  So einfach behälst du die Kontrolle!

watch out

Today the Doc has an important tip for all sneezing beards! If someone with a beard suffers from hay fever, they may suffer more than someone without facial fur.
But there are a couple of very simple tricks you can use to get through the hay fever season despite killer pollen. So get the pollen out of your eyes and read!

Why do bearded people suffer particularly from hay fever?

Quite simply: the magnificent mane is to blame. This is because the pollen floating around gets caught in it, settles on the hair and stays there until it is washed off. Your beard becomes a kind of pollen slingshot during the flowering period.
And that's exactly the problem. Because the pollen stuck in the beard is permanently hanging in front of the respiratory tract, the symptoms of cold beards are aggravated. And not infrequently even extreme - especially at night.

A daily beard wash in the evening relieves the symptoms

The solution is simple and obvious. You need to change your shower habits. Instead of in the morning, wash your beard thoroughly with soap right before bed. Soap dissolves dirt more thoroughly and better than beard shampoo. The Doc himself often lathers his beard twice in a row to flush even the last pollen out of the coat. Then oil as usual and off to the Heia!
Now your beard is sparkling clean, and no allergy-causing crumbs in your nose or mouth will keep you from sleeping. You'll see it works wonders.

hauschnupfen bart vollbart was machen hilft lindern

Get the beard under control in the morning

Don't worry, the Doc knows what's on your mind. You definitely want to know that you are supposed to start the day the next day, completely disheveled and embarrassed, without a shower and washing your beard. Because another wash would undoubtedly be poison for your beard and would dry out both hair and skin extremely in the long run. But there is one from Dr. Awesome alternative tested for months: The correct application of GØLD's Beard-Control! Ok ok my boy the doc knows this is a little commercial now. But dr Awesome would never recommend anything to you if he wasn't 100% convinced. And there is no alternative to it.

It's really simple:

  1. Gently comb through your beard, preferably with a detangling comb. Never with a fine-toothed comb, because that damages your messy hair.
  2. Rub 5-7 pumps of Beard-Control into your palms and smooth over your beard.
  3. Now you have to be quick! Knead the control into your hair a little more and then comb it through your beard exactly once with a slightly finer comb.
  4. Now put everything aside and wash your hands with pure water and do not dry them.
  5. With your palms still wet, stroke your beard and smooth it out a little, shape it, model your mustache, stroke your mane again and again with your palms together. The extra water on your hands will make your dismembered beard even more malleable. Now stroke your beard until you notice that the control is tightening and becoming firm. After 30 seconds at the latest, you will see a beard in the mirror that looks at least as well-groomed and good as if you had just taken a shower!

And in the evening, of course, it's back to the shower. You will see that your hay fever will definitely be relieved a bit. You just have to pull yourself together!

But please always remember: hay fever is not something to be trifled with. The Doc's tips should only be an aid in everyday life and do not replace therapy. You should always discuss your hay fever problem with your family doctor.

Until the next session

Dr. Awesome

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