Winter is coming: beard oil alone is not enough...

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Winter is coming! And that's why your beard needs your full attention now!

The frost is really giving your beard a hard time. More precisely, it is not the frost alone. It is the constant change between cold and warm, between dry cold and even drier heated air. The result is brittle and brittle beard hair and irritated skin under the beard. If it gets really bad, even red spots develop, it is flaky and itchy. If you have such dry skin, you have to take targeted action against it. Here are a few tips and tricks that can be integrated into everyday life.


Use the cold

Every time you're outside in the cold, your beard gets a little softer and wetter. This is due to your body heat and the air you breathe. Both cause condensation in the beard. This fact can be used for maintenance. If you come from the cold to the warmth, you can lock the moisture in your beard hair with two or three drops of beard oil. So it is resistant to the heating air for some time.

Im Winter auf Föhnen verzichten feuchte Haare Bartpflege Lorbeeröl

Avoid blow-drying in winter

As soon as you go outside in winter, the cold and condensation ensure that the beard's curly splendor returns. Therefore, you can do without blow-drying your beard straight in winter. This means that neither skin nor hair are additionally stressed and care routines can develop their full effect better.   

Use a natural soap with a care effect


Against winter you should use a good natural soap. There are of course various components of different natural soaps that can help you with specific problems. The only important thing is that the soap must be greased with a high-quality oil. This means that despite cleaning, it provides your skin with enough oils.

An example here would be the now well-known Aleppo soap, which contains laurel oil to moisturize your skin and thus have a calming effect. However, some people are allergic to the ingredient laurel oil. A good alternative is our body and beard soap Clean. Due to its superfatting with argan oil, it cares for your beard while washing, making it softer and moisturizing the skin underneath. However, our secret weapon for the winter is hemp seed oil. On the one hand, hemp seed oil soothes skin irritations such as red spots and eczema and, on the other hand, it also has an antiseptic effect.


Take care of your skin under the beard

A few drops Bartol as needed should be part of a good care routine anyway. Unfortunately, in winter that won't be enough for most people. If you still suffer from itchy and scaly skin despite the tips already mentioned, you need a remedy that helps your skin to regenerate itself. Dexpanthenol is usually an ingredient here that can help very well. Since there are hardly any lotions that contain dexpanthenol and do not grease the beard hair or contain silicone, we have here a recipe for a special serum.

And now cover up in your new care routine! Winter is coming!


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  • Chris

    6,6ml 75%
    93,6 ml Haartonikum

    5 % Lösung 😃

  • BIlly

    Wieviel d Panthenol muss ich bei 100ml dazu geben.
    Habe mir das 75% von spinnrad gekauft.

  • Billy

    ich habe mir das Weleda “Belebendes Haartonikum” gekauft und auch das Dexpanthenol 75 von “Spinnrad”.
    Jetzt weiss ich nicht, wieviel ml ich von dem 75% Dexpanthenol in das 100ml Haartonikum geben muss.
    Kann hier jemand helfen?

  • Manuel

    Die Dame bei der Apotheke hat mir nach Absprache mit dem Besitzer/Chef berichtet, dass Sie kein Dexpanthenol beimischen darf, weil es dann ein verschreibungspflichtiges Arzneimittel wäre.
    Sie hat mir daraufhin angeboten beides seperat zu kaufen was kein Problem ist.

  • Stiller

    Dexpanthenol… welcher Form!?

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