You want to blow dry your beard? This method works best!

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Put Beardo,

admit it, little shame beard. It's not long enough for you. And because you can't wait for your already wonderful little beard to grow into an impressive magnificent beard, you like to try to make it look a little longer. Flick here, fiddle there, and style it with whatever you can get your hands on.

Calm down, my little one! The Doc has a heart for cheating beards and therefore gives you the ultimate tip on how you can blow-dry your beard really long with little effort and what you have to do to keep it nice and full all day long!

The bad news at the beginning: Not every beard is suitable for blow-drying!
but see
Don't give up, Beardo! The Doc is sure that you can get a lot out of your beard with a few tweaks. Because only those who at least have a beard have a really smooth beard growth. But if you don't have a single curl in your beard, you can go to the playground now. Everyone else stay here!

As you can imagine, the number one basic rule is: the curlier the beard, the more length you can get with a blow-dry!
You can only find out how much that means for you personally by trying it out. But be sure: you will be amazed at how much beard you have...
So pay close attention now!

With hair dryer, balm and comb: in three steps to a magnificent beard

1. The special tip right at the beginning: A portion of liquid Beard Balm!

Take your hair dryer and set it to the hottest setting. Now open your jar of beard balm and hold the hair dryer on the balm. Do this until the top layer becomes liquid. But be careful and don't get too close or the wax will splatter everywhere and you'll make a mess.
Now it has to be fast. You take the soft balm out of the jar with your finger, quickly rub it in your palms and then stroke your freshly washed, still damp beard from the outside. Then you knead the rest into the undergrowth with your fingers.
But don't be surprised, Beardo: it's normal for the wax in your hands to cool down a bit. That's not bad at all. But this is the only way to really distribute the balm optimally throughout your beard.
In order to get a really good result, the right amount of balm is also important. The doc recommends an amount the size of about two peas for a beginner's two-inch beard. If you already have a bigger beard, like Dr. Awesome, feel free to double the amount. There are no exact rules, Beardo! You have to find out for yourself.

2. Set the blow dryer to medium heat

Now you are doing exactly what Dr. Awesome actually warned. You are now blow-drying your beard hot. Not with full power, of course, but with half the heat. Most hair dryers have exactly this setting option. But don't worry, little frightened beard: In this special case you don't have to worry. The balm distributed in the beard optimally protects your hair from drying out, so you don't have to worry about damaging your best piece.
Be sure to use a comb that should match your beard. You should actually know what that is. If not, the doc will give you those answer here. Alternatively, you can also use a special brush with metal teeth, like some barbers use for blow-drying. The effect in this case is the same.
Now start with the sides and slowly pull the comb from top to bottom while you go with the hair dryer from above and always blow exactly where the comb just eats through your beard. You will notice that it works like clockwork, because the hot air liquefies the balm distributed in the beard even more and encloses every single hair. Now work your way from side to side until the beard is pretty much dry.

Believe me, little Doubt-Beard: You will hardly believe your eyes how much length you got out of it. But even if you would like to show the whole world your dream beard, you must not forget the third step.

3. Fixing with cold air

Now the hair is straighter, the beard is longer, and you want to ask your mirror, "Who has the sexiest beard in the land?" But for this effect to last all the way to the front door, you have to fix your splendor with cool air. Simply set your blow dryer to cool and blow dry again from a distance without destroying the shape. The distributed wax solidifies and gives your beard a wonderful hold, which at least gets the doc through the whole day. And if you're lucky, you'll even see the effect the next day, Beardo!

And so that you can see everything in motion, Dr. Awesome asked his trusted barber, Mr. Blckbrd, to demonstrate it on little Martin von Goelds in quick succession.

Understood everything? Then off home to the bathroom and try it out!

Dr. Awesome

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