No more bad beard selfies! This is how you put your mane in the limelight

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Put Beardo,

the doc needs to talk to you about your selfies, little fluffy beard. Far too often they are anything but flattering! But don't worry, most of your beard brothers don't manage to show off their magnificent beard the way it deserves either. Reason enough, then, to tell you a few photographic tricks with which you finally no longer look like a plucked bearded monkey in your photos, but like a majestic lion.
So listen up, the doc will give you a few basic rules that you can easily implement to get the most out of your beard.

Choose dark clothing

It's actually quite simple, but most beards get it wrong. They choose clothes that shine through their beards. This is a capital mistake that turns even the most massive beard into a sparse fuzz. Just like in the picture with our brother Ron. Ron actually has a magnificent beard and even made it to Mr. GQ with it! Nevertheless, his facial mane looks rather sparse due to the white shirt. So choose the right colors to match your beard. The rule is: dark clothes flatter, light clothes make your beard see through. There are exceptions here, for example with extremely light or white beards, but even here a dark shirt has a thickening effect on the beard, because the light passing through is not reflected, so that the fabric that shines through is perceived more like a shadow than a thin beard.

So if you want to take a picture of yourself, make sure that you don't wear a light-colored shirt or white print. That makes things even worse.

Make sure you have the right light source

You wouldn't believe little clipper beard how important the right light is. It has the power to turn your little beard into an adorable full beard. And that's exactly why you shouldn't be satisfied with the cell phone light when taking a selfie. The light blasts you in the face so frontally that even the most beautiful beard looks like a snail! The secret lies in the direction of the light. The Doc knows all the pathetic attempts in front of the bathroom mirror when the ceiling light is on in the background, or even the window can be seen. Light shining through your beard from behind makes it transparent. And transparent looks thin and sparse. And you don't want that, Beardo.
Instead, choose a light source that is diagonally above you. You can try this yourself in the mirror with a flashlight. Your beard will look gorgeous and thicker than you are used to. Darkness in the background reinforces this effect. This rule basically works, even outdoors when the sun is shining. Light that comes from the front and whose source is above you makes your beard beautiful in photos! Try it!

selfie tipps winkel ansicht

Choose the right perspective

The biggest mistake many Beardos out there make: they photograph themselves from above. But that's the worst thing you can do to your beard. The reason: smartphone cameras always have a wide-angle lens. This stretches the space. Don't worry, little brooding beard, you don't have to understand this. It's enough if you remember the following rule: If you photograph your beard from a slightly lower position, it will appear longer and fuller, from above it will be compressed and is only a shadow of itself. You can do this wonderfully in Ron's photo recognize. There is no visit to the barber between the two shots. Both pictures show the same beard!
What do we remember? Ditch the damn Kardashian pose!

seitlich selfie optimieren besser machen

Edit your picture properly

There's a trick you can use to make your beard look even more bulky in photos. The keyword is structure! You can find the controller, for example, in the Snapseed image editing program on your smartphone, but most other programs, regardless of the platform, also have this setting option.
So increase the structure of the image. You will see: Your beard will then appear much more defined and present than before the treatment. But use it sparingly, because the aim is not to create a fantasy beard here, but merely to present your already wonderful beard in an advantageous way!

And now I just want to see beautiful beards in the selfies! Off to the break!

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