More aggressive, more dominant, more attractive: the power of the beard is great

Aggressiver, dominanter, anziehender: Die Macht des Bartes ist groß

Put Beardo,

today it's not about care tips or washing techniques for your face wool. Today is about the social impact of a full beard. More specifically, what your beard does to you and the people around you.

Yes, exactly. you heard me right Your beard has more influence on your life and everyday life than you may have realized before. It is difficult to separate personal observations, feelings and scientific evidence on this topic. But no worry. The Doc has already pre-filtered the whole thing for you so that you can only follow carefully, even if you sometimes have to really strain your head. But be sure: It's worth it!

turning point in your life

The decision to grow a full beard is nothing less than a turning point in your life. After that, a lot will change. Much more than you can imagine. Because it's not just some facial hair, a new look. The beard has extremely many effects on your everyday life. Anyone who has already taken this step or is in the process of doing so will be able to confirm these changes to a greater or lesser extent.
So be careful and pay close attention to what your full beard does to you!

You appear more aggressive, dominant and attractive

It is an irrefutable and, above all, scientifically proven fact that men with beards appear much more dominant and aggressive than clean-shaven ones. And if you don't want to believe all the studies, you should just try a little thought experiment. Check out the movie “300” where the warriors all have massive beards. Take in the film and the cast, and then imagine the whole troupe clean-shaven. There is no clearer way of explaining that a beard makes every baby face, no matter how sallow, at least visually harder.

Anyone who has a full beard is therefore considered an alpha male in the social structure. At least in most cases. The reason for this does not lie in fashion, or in the social importance of the full beard. The reason is much deeper, rooted in your genes. At the primate level, so to speak. Because you can twist and turn it any way you want, little alpha beard, most people instinctively respond to that hairy signal. It's just designed that way by Mother Nature. Similar to a cat's hunting instinct. As soon as she sees a mouse, she goes nuts. Even if she's never seen one in her life before.

Orangutans are a good example from the animal world. The dominant males, who take the lead in the group, grow a full beard. And similar behavior can also be observed in baboons and countless other animal species.

Facial hair has always been considered a symbol of dominance in the animal world. And humanity carries this reflex, this instinctive classification. And nobody can influence that.

Only the fact that humans, unlike apes, can control thoughts and impulses to a certain extent, ensures that the full beard is also subject to the respective fashion. Of course, this does not change its effects on the primate level.

On a conscious level, a full beard is therefore considered inappropriate or even unsexy in professional and social terms, depending on the industry and zeitgeist. At least women who follow fashion trends like to state in surveys that they find shaved men more attractive. However, these answers are not really meaningful. Because they are largely influenced by the prevailing fashion requirements. In short: the woman's answer is influenced by how she wants to appear to the outside world.

If you ask such a woman in the pedestrian zone how attractive she finds a full beard, she will always state that she only likes clean-shaven men. The fact that she has her own personal beard at home, which she naturally chose strictly according to primate aspects, is not mentioned.

This was particularly evident in the 2000s when many men started shaving their chests. A fashion trend because women supposedly didn't want wool anymore. Today, the fashion image of that time has shifted back and whoops: chest hair is back in fashion and women suddenly admit that they like it. But the fact is: then as now, the number of women who liked it was about the same. Few of them admitted it. Exactly this development can also be observed with the full beard.

Incidentally, a similar phenomenon can also be found in reverse. In the 90s and 2000s in particular, men said in surveys that they like women with model dimensions and tiny apple bottoms. Today this picture has changed. A full Kardashian buttocks is almost considered the ideal of beauty. And no man would claim in a poll that such curves did not appeal to him. So in reality it was all just for show. Because you can be sure: 20 years ago, men liked the same women's bottoms as they do today. dr Awesome knows what he's talking about!

So now you know why the beard is so much more than a fashion accessory. It is a signal with which you, independent of fashion trends, subliminally lay claim to an elevated social position. And it's a primate signal that you use to show women: I'm the strongest here. You are safe with me!

But one thing has to be clear to you: Just because you have a beard doesn't mean that all women will fall for you. That's not the point. But you exude something that makes you more attractive to women and their instincts. You become a potential life partner almost without being noticed. Your beard is like a calling card for masculinity. It signals at first glance that your testosterone levels are balanced, your fertility is strong and your aggressiveness high. Women classify this within fractions of a second, without consciously thinking about it or being able to control it. In order for something to finally come of it, the other parameters have to be right, of course. But at least you're already in the selection thanks to your beard.

Rudelführer Autorität dank Bart Männlichkeit Sexy Attraktivität Bartpflege

What does that mean in practice?

Thankfully, the process is as gradual as your beard grows. That means: You will only notice something of it step by step, and those around you will only notice very little of it. It's like a slow motion transformation. Nonetheless, it changes quite a few things. And you'll be able to judge that in retrospect.

Most important point: You are taken much more seriously in everyday life. That's what you'll notice first, too. Whether queuing at the supermarket checkout, in the restaurant or on the street. The respect and also the caution that is shown to you increases significantly. Barmen confirm this again and again and also Dr. Awesome puts his hand on fire for this effect. Just pay attention. After a short time, you will feel the effects. On narrow sidewalks, groups of youngsters step aside willingly instead of half-running you over. And also in traffic, the stinky finger is quickly packed up again when the other person sees your beard.

In professional life, you will also quickly notice that suddenly more value is placed on your opinion than it used to be. And when you decide something, it's less likely to be doubted. It's sort of the natural dominance of your beard that makes those around you trust your natural authority. It doesn't always have to end in big promotions. But in terms of teamwork alone, things will usually shift in your favor.

A lot is changing when it comes to women. While the normal girls used to be part of your prey scheme, you are now suddenly adored by completely different types of women. And when the doc says adored, he means it. On the one hand, this is because you attract a lot of looks with your beard and thus generate attention, but also because a certain group of women find bearded people extremely attractive. It's often women who are tattooed and are a bit rougher than the usual electro mice. At least outwardly, they will tend to turn away from you, although your beard secretly makes them feel very jittery. You must be aware of that, little macho beard. But honestly, isn't that your thing?

So the Doc sums it up for you in a nutshell: With a full beard you are taken more seriously in public and you are more respected. This can have professional implications as well as change your standing with women. You become the leader of the pack almost permanently. And the girls notice that quite subconsciously.

You let everything sink in and watch your life. Then you will feel the power of the beard. Promised!

See you


Title photo: Andreas Findling


  • R. Peters

    Der Beitrag ist klasse. Mag ja in der Tendenz stimmen, aber ich möchte doch einen etwas gegenläufigen Effekt, den ich in den letzten Monaten immer wieder erfahren habe, beisteuern. Und zwar beobachte ich, dass zahlreiche Männer (nicht Frauen !) belustigt reagieren, wenn sie mir begegnen. Ich trage einen sehr langen Bart, und steche somit ziemlich aus der Masse hervor. Bei diesen Begegnungen wird geschmunzelt oder gelacht, es fallen auch abfällige Kommentare, zuletzt habe ich “Alm-Öhi” gehört. Das fand ich ja noch einigermaßen witzig. An schlechten Tagen kann es einem aber auch zusetzen, dieses ständige Beobachtetwerden. Da kommt man schon mal auf den Gedanken, sich der Matte wieder zu entledigen.

  • John

    Also ich find den Kardashian-Po hochgradig unattraktiv, sieht von hinten aus wie ein Pferd, unproportional und unförmig. Das sehen übrigens die meisten Männer in meinem Freundeskreis genauso. Ich denke Frauen, die Sport treiben und durchaus Rundungen aufweisen, sind zwar wesentlich attraktiver als der von euch angesprochene ausgemergelte dünne und strichhafte Modeltypus, aber Kardashian? Really? Das ist nun wirklich ein Extrem, das nicht jeder teilt. Allgemein strotzt der Artikel nur so von hundertprozentig pauschalisierten Stereotypen, welche recht realtitätsentfremdet wirken. Meschen sind nun mal individuell. Manche Männer stehen auf ausladende Rundungen, manche auf athletische, schlanke Frauen. Manche Frauen stehen auf glattrasierte Männer, manche auf bärtige. Oftmals können auch mehrere Aspekte präferiert werden, oder sie sind wieder abhängig von dem Gesamtbild des Einzelnen. Darauf lässt sich keine globale Antwort finden, keine allgemeine Regel definieren.

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