About GØLD's

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Made in Germany

Quality and design play a major role for us. In the heart of Offenbach, we work daily to develop exceptional products for the entire world of men. We work closely with regional laboratories and producers as far as possible, so that we can achieve and of course maintain the best quality standards. Our goal is to provide a holistic round portfolio of care and styling products to the men's world across the board.

Our Story


Our's is this one: The idea was born in our student digs. We were bored with all the products on the market, the smell or the effect were unsatisfactory.

While we were never good at chemistry or bio. Nor were we ever particularly interested in hair care or ingredients. And yet, GØLD's is now all of those things rolled into one - and so much more: tried-and-true products paired with innovative ideas and the best ingredients the market has to offer. We are supported by a renowned laboratory and a manufacturer who implement our ideas in the best quality for us and for you.

And our story continues. Because GØLD's has long since ceased to be a pure care product brand.  GØLD's knows what you want. GØLD's is a brand by men for men. And here we come full circle.

The world is becoming more and more anonymous. GØLD's aims to reconnect like-minded men and promote genuine male friendships. It's no longer just about the beard, but about everything that makes real men fun. Become a part of it!

You can't know until you grow!