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Effective natural beard oil with a unique scent

  • Noticeable soft beard hair
  • no more annoying and stubborn beard stubble
  • Consists of ⅜ Moroccan argan oil 
  • Reduces itching in the growth phase
  • Smells wonderfully of the typical GØLD’s signature scent
  • Care for the 3-Take-Bart up to full beard 
  • Donate the skin under the beard humidity
  • Improves the Combability of beard hair
  • Made from natural cold-pressed oils
  • Absorbs quickly, leaves no “greasy film”
  • anti-inflammatory and calming 
  • Vegan and consistent packed up 

Over 100,000 Bartole have many unique ones bearded man made happy

    Buy now: Beard oil from GØLD’s, nourishes the beard hair and gives the beard a breathtaking scent 

    The small, brownish, mystical pharmacy bottle with a rubber pipette is a real eye-catcher and contains one of the best beard care oils there is. It smells amazing and cares for the beard particularly well. Since our beard oil is very rich in natural oils, the integrated pipette is ideal for taking the right dose for your beard length and not wasting anything. It is a real pleasure to apply the oil to the beard and skin. It spreads easily and leaves no greasy residue. If you use it regularly, your beard will feel softer and look healthier. It also acts as a natural protection against your beard drying out. 

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    Our beard oil is the perfect combination of care and style. It not only provides your beard with excellent care, but also leaves the beard smelling wonderful. With this product you will look well-groomed and attractive every day!

    Our quality standards are very high and we guarantee you a unique product. Our beard oil consists of natural ingredients that give the beard strength and suppleness. The beard care oil is long-lasting, helps the beard and skin to regenerate and makes it more resistant to cold and heat. Treat yourself to something good and put together your personal beard care package. Our beard oil is the perfect beard care product for a beautiful, healthy beard and is therefore a must-have in every bathroom! 

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    What you should know about GØLD’s Beard Oil Protect

    Our beard oil is unique because it nourishes the beard hair from deep within while protecting the skin beneath the beard. It is specially designed to protect beard hair from roughness and fragility. It also leaves an extremely pleasant feeling on the skin without weighing it down. Our beard care oil makes the beard hair softer and smoother and gives it a natural shine. With its moisturizing and regenerating effect, the beard oil is the perfect solution for every beard wearer to keep his facial mane and the skin underneath always looking well-groomed. Our beard oil also has an exceptionally good scent. You can find out more about this below. 

    That's why beard oil is so important for the skin

    Beard oil is not only good for your beard hair, but especially for your skin. Your skin is under your beard and hardly receives any oxygen, moisture or nutrients. Your skin under your beard will sound the alarm sooner or later. This manifests itself primarily in constant itching and dandruff that spreads through your full beard. Your skin produces oily sebum itself, but this is absorbed into your beard hair when you brush in the morning. There is little left for the skin, which is why it eventually dries out, flakes and itches. Our Beard Oil Protect is rich in argan and almond oil, which your skin can absorb excellently and provides it with lots of moisture. With just a few drops of beard oil you give your skin everything it needs. The beard oil lies like a film on the skin and quickly relieves the itching. 

    Beard oil softens stubborn, prickly beard hair and makes the beard hair shine

    Beard hair is naturally thicker, more stubborn and bristly than the hair on your head. The beard hair is also usually curled. It is also characteristic that your beard hair is a bit prickly in contrast to the hair on your head, which will particularly bother your partner. As your beard grows, the tips of your beard hair quickly dry out and become brittle. There can no longer be any question of a beautiful shine and suppleness in the beard. 

    Use a few drops of our beard oil once or twice a day Protect to strengthen your unruly beard hairs and transform them into a slightly shiny and soft beard. The natural vegetable oils provide your beard with everything it needs to stay healthy and supple. These include protective and nourishing vitamins, moisture, fat and other valuable nutrients. Your partner will also love a soft, well-smelling beard and will certainly give you a few cuddles. 

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    Proper use of beard oil 
    Beard oil is a daily beard care product that you should give your beard. How often you use it depends on your skin and hair structure - for some, one dose in the morning is enough, others need a little oil both morning and evening. So experiment until you find your optimal care routine. The recommended dosage also depends on the length of the beard and can be found on the packaging of the beard oil. If you want to have a super soft beard on special days, then we recommend you here our secret trick!

    You should get over that Bartpflege knowledge!


    Let's get to the most important point: What does GØLD's Protect Beard Oil smell like? 

    You'll love the mysterious, magical scent of GØLD's Beard Oil! Our composition of oriental spices, hay, rose and citrus nuances will not only take your breath away! Did you know that scents can affect our mood? That's exactly why we chose the scents shown above in beard oil. The scent of freshly mown hay is unique, the deep, intense scent of freshly mown flower meadows creates summer feelings and gives you a nice, intense feeling of summer evenings even in the colder seasons. The light nuances of oriental spices bring a strong tone to the scent, which gives the beard oil a masculine note. You're not the only one who will appreciate this scent infinitely. The floral scent of the rose fits like a glove with the hay and the oriental note. Rose is said to have a particularly positive effect on the psyche and keep your thoughts and balance. Last but not least, we have added a fresh component of citrus fruits to our fragrance, which gives off a fresh note.


    The Beard Oil Protect Massive is made with more than five high-quality natural carrier oils, such as Argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil and soybean oil Mistake. These natural oils in beard oil form a perfect symbiosis and guarantee you excellent and deep care for your magnificent beard and the facial skin underneath. The ingredients of GØLD's Beard Oil Protect are a real power package.

    Argan oil - the perfect oil for your beard 

    Argan oil is a true miracle cure for almost every type of skin and hair. It provides moisture and shine for dry, sensitive, oily, impure or medium skin as well as for brittle, brittle beard hair or split ends. GØLD’s beard oil consists of ⅜ pure argan oil. Growing and producing argan oil is very time-consuming and expensive. It is not for nothing that it is sometimes the most expensive natural oil for cosmetic applications. 

    Jojoba oil is particularly easy to absorb into the skin

    Jojoba oil is one of the most tolerable beard oils and is well tolerated by people with sensitive skin or allergies. It helps to keep the moisture in the skin balanced, relieves itching and ensures even moisturization.

    Almond oil for nourished skin under the beard

    Almond oil is an excellent natural oil that is also particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Almond oil also penetrates particularly well into the deep layers of the skin and provides them with an additional dose of care. It can also make dull, brittle or brittle hair shiny, supple and elastic. 

    Hemp seed oil - The secret weapon for beard growth

    Hemp seed oil is a real secret weapon in our beard oil. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is ideal for nourishing and regenerating dry and irritated skin. It also has an antibacterial effect and can therefore prevent skin irritations. Ideal when it comes to caring for sensitive skin. Hemp seed oil works particularly well during the growth phase, as it relieves the stressed skin under the beard, supplies it with moisture and allows it to relax.


    Capacity: 30 ml

    We ship climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen within 1-3 working days from Hemsbach, Germany.

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    Super Bartöl eins meiner Liebsten

    Das Bartöl von Gøld's ist einfach nur mega kenne kaum ein anderes das so gut ist werde ich immer wieder kaufen


    Very happy thx.

    Tim Mejia Gonzalez
    Hilft nicht.

    Bei Anwendung juckt es nur noch mehr. Auch nach 2 Wochen benutzen wie beschrieben, keine Besserung in Sicht.

    Dennis Kußmaul
    5te Bestellung - nie wieder was anderes

    der titel sagt alles - das öl riecht super gut, macht den bart super geschmeidig und versorgt ihn mit feuchtigkeit. ich bin super zufrieden & kaufe extra immer auf vorrat!

    Zwei Tips von meinem Barbier

    Bart föhnen aber nicht zu heiß - und Gøld‘s Repair Tonic.
    Endlich habe Ich Ruhe mit Schuppen im

    FAQs - What you should know about beard oil

    You can apply beard oil once or twice a day, depending on how stubborn your beard is. One application per day is usually sufficient for a soft, well-groomed beard.

    The use of beard oil does not depend on the length of the beard. Even if the first thought is that full beard wearers with many centimeters of beard length are addressed, short beard hair is often very unruly and requires care.

    Beard oil can also make short beard hairs softer and more flexible, giving pleasant care to short, stubbly beards. In addition, the skin can sometimes react irritated in the growth phase on the way to a slightly longer beard. (Itching or dandruff is spreading) Beard oil makes this part of everyday life easier and more relaxed.

    Beard oil is a care product for beard and skin. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair, making it more supple. At the same time, it relieves itching and irritation of the skin. With longer beards, beard oil can prevent split ends.

    Beard oil is the first choice for itching, but you can also use other tricks to relieve the itching. For one thing, you should wash your beard a maximum of three times a week with a mild shampoo or natural beard soap. In addition, a beard brush is very helpful, it massages the facial skin, removes skin flakes and excess sebum and promotes blood circulation.

    GØLD's beard oil consists of a selection of high-quality natural base oils. These oils are unrefined and natural, making them inherently expensive. The initial cost may seem high at first, but GØLD's beard oil is very economical. Just a few drops are enough to optimally care for your beard.

    You don't have to wash your beard oil out of your beard again, quite the opposite! Good beard oil is quickly absorbed and provides skin and hair with important nutrients and moisture, which can be completely absorbed by the skin.

    Beard oil is a caring product for your beard, it does not help your beard to grow faster or to close the gaps faster. Rather, your beard simply needs time. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. This is the best way to support your beard as it grows.

    There is no general answer to this question. Many use beard oil in the morning and in the evening. If you have a long beard and also use a styling product, such as a beard balm or beard gel, then you should apply the styling product alone or in combination with beard oil in the morning. In the evening before you go to bed, you grow out the beard with lukewarm water and then care for the beard with a few drops of beard oil. It's best to listen to your body here, it will tell you whether you need two doses or just one dose of beard oil a day.

    There are several things that you should definitely consider when choosing a good beard oil. These include natural ingredients and a good care effect. Make sure that the beard oil lists a high-quality natural oil as the first ingredient. Beard oils that contain multiple natural oils are best, so your beard benefits from the full spectrum. Good oils are, for example, argan, jojoba, almond, hemp seed or castor oil. A good care effect, however, depends heavily on the personal hair characteristics and can therefore be different for everyone. Basically, it is important that you try the oil yourself over a longer period of time and see whether it is suitable for your hair.

    Another important criterion is the smell. Depending on which oil you use, this naturally creates different scents in the air - something that women in particular can find attractive!

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    Local Production

    We manufacture all our care products in Germany. It is important to us to work together with regional companies. Social commitment also plays an important role for us.

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    Magic scent

    Masculine, seductive and mysterious. When your nose catches our scent, these are the first impressions that immediately spring to mind. Women love it!

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    Magnificent ingredients

    Our ingredients are primarily selected for quality. It is essential to combine the perfect selection for men in order to achieve a sensational result.

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    "Our goal is to create sustainable, high-quality care for all men that is simple and effective. A well-groomed appearance is not only always well received, you feel much more comfortable in your own skin."



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    Thumbs up for Gølds Beard Oil

    A great product!!!
    Absolutely economical, nourishes and actually gives the beard a softer texture.
    The scent is great, subtle but ohooo 👍

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    Sven N.

    Very satisfied!

    A really good product, I used DNA from you before and was very satisfied. But this product is even better. The beard becomes even softer and can be brushed even better. Also a light fresh scent.

    Jokob B.