Production of the GØLD`s soap: take a look behind the scenes!

seifenherstellung goelds bartseife einblicke

put beardo,

today Dr. Awesome with you and your beard comrades a class trip. And in a genuine soap factory. Because the Doc knows that the topic of "soap" has been on your and your friends' minds for a long time. And while you've hopefully long been well-behaved after the guidance from dr. Awesome washing your mane, you have probably never thought about the production of a natural soap before.
And you surely want to know what you're smearing on your face.
dr Awesome therefore used his contacts and made an appointment at the soap workshop where the new beard soap is manufactured by GØLD's.
So take your fingers out of your beard and take a good look. So that you can continue to appreciate the work that goes into it until you can hold one of these wonderful bars of soap in your hands.

This is how the beard soap from GØLD`s

heisse seife abgießen fest trocknen


seifenzubereitung diy seife machen


flüssige seife handgemacht anrühren


seifenmanufaktur hergestellt deutschland


topf seife bartseife bartshampoo


seifenherstellung schritt für schritt


handgemachte seifen kaufen wie zubereiten


goelds seife clean herstellung


clean bart und körperseife herstellung


marmorierung seife clean goelds vollbart


bartseife block am stück trockenprozess


seifen schneiden marmoriert handgefertigt



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