Dandruff, itching, burning: If the skin under your beard is going crazy, you have to act!

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Put Beardo,

this topic burns under the nails of most bearded people. And even more on the skin. Not only does disgusting scales keep trickling out of your full beard despite careful beard care, these itchy and weeping red patches under your magnificent facial fur get on your last nerve. But don't worry brother, you are not alone with this problem. Most bar wearers who have managed to grow more than a ten-day beard sooner or later have to deal with it and take care of their beard a little more than before.

Together with the Doc and a special beard care product, you will surely get your skin problems under control very quickly. So be careful, so that you too will soon no longer have itchy spots.

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the symptom

It starts the same for everyone. First there is a feeling of tension and the skin under your beard feels dry. Sometimes the hair roots are also sensitive when you run your hands through your beard. In short: You notice that something is different.

A day or two later the itching comes along. Very lightly at first, then more and more. And somehow a kind of cuticle has formed under your beard in some places. You scratch once, twice, three times. First it trickles, then the skin under your beard begins to wet, as if wound fluid is escaping.

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If you now dig through your face wool in front of the mirror, you will quickly notice: where it itches and wets, relatively sharply demarcated red and inflammatory patches have formed, the surface of which is sore and also open in the advanced stage.

If you just wash your beard now, the itching will get a little better. But only until those disgusting flakes of skin have formed again. Then the game starts all over again, only worse.

Just so we understand each other correctly, Beardo! Not everyone has to get it that extreme right away. There are also weaker forms. Nevertheless: The symptoms are always similar and require your action.

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The diagnosis

It looks like you have beard eczema. But don't worry now, little scared beard. It is neither contagious nor dangerous. But it's annoying. And if left untreated, it can damage your beard growth over time. In the worst case, your hair roots can say goodbye completely in particularly infected areas, leaving you with virtually hairless areas under your beard. But you've got to really let it escalate for that, little trickle-beard.

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The treatment

The problem: You are in the eczema trap. Neither regular oiling nor constant showering will help you out here. Of course you can go to the doctor now. They will probably prescribe you a cortisone tincture or an antifungal that will also help you initially. But a week or two later the game starts all over again. A vicious circle that is neither healthy for your skin nor for your beard in the long run.

That's why the Doc has developed a three-point procedure over many months that helps him and many of his beard students permanently and doesn't even allow the red patches to appear. So be careful, and your beard will soon be healthy again.

  1. Wash your beard with a natural soap every other day. The Doc has only recently presented the best soaps. But even if you take that to heart, it's all about the right dose, Beardo. Wash your maltreated beard only once! Once means: lather, leave for three minutes and rinse. Finished. No second wash.
  2. Oil your beard the right way. Most people do it wrong. Forget rubbing between your palms. Rub the oil between your fingertips and then massage your beard skin with it. Careful and gentle. If you scratch, you get an entry! Roger that? If you've gotten the skin all over, you simply rub the remains on your hands into the lengths of your beard - every damn morning!
  3. Take daily Dr. Awesome's Special Serum. You can easily mix this yourself. And believe the Doc: It works wonders.
    Put a few drops of the serum in your beard every night just before you jump into bed and gently rub it into your skin with your fingertips. If you have a very long beard, you can either use a dropper or a small pump sprayer to spray the serum directly onto the skin. But the Doc sticks to the conventional method. Works great. Promised! You will notice an invigorating effect as soon as you massage it in. The serum disinfects, promotes blood circulation in the skin and smells pleasantly of rosemary. The added dexpanthenol helps your skin to repair itself. Here's how you can keep eczema at bay without having to take medication. The pleasant side effect that many of your beard brothers have already confirmed to the doc: you lose less beard hair because the serum also strengthens the roots. And don't be surprised, after massaging it in, you might feel like your whiskers are a tiny bit sticky. This comes from the dexpanthenol in the serum and is not bad. This feeling is gone after five minutes and the serum unfolds its effect.

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prescription for dr Awesome's Special Serum

Don't worry Beardo, the Doc doesn't want to sell you anything, just share his recipe so you can mix this wonderful serum yourself. And it goes like this:

You go to your trusted pharmacy, grab a bottle of Weleda "reviving hair tonic" and ask your pharmacist to add enough dexpanthenol to make a five percent solution. In most cases it works. But there are said to be pharmacists who find it too much work and who refuse. In this case, simply change the pharmacy. Another possibility: You order your own panthenol, for example from Spinnrad in a 75 percent concentration. It's also available in pharmacies. You can handle the rest, beardy boy. You paid attention in math.

All in all, the whole thing will not cost very much and will last forever. However, you should be careful. Some students have already reported extreme price differences. The Doc himself pays 14 euros. Most probably charge around 17 euros and there are individual reports where pharmacies wanted 30 euros. So it's worth asking.

Take good care, my little Riesel-Beard? Here again for you in the short version:

Get up, wash your beard with soap, oil, enjoy the day, put the serum on in the evening and off to bed.

If you take this to heart, you will feel the effect after just a few days!
In order to achieve the best possible effect, Dr. Awesome his special serum almost daily. Then he is calm. And soon you too!

And now off to the pharmacy!

Dr. Awesome

And now an appeal to your common sense: what the doc writes here cannot replace a diagnosis from a dermatologist. dr Awesome is not a medical doctor. So if you have serious problems with the skin under your beard, it's better to have a real doctor look at it. In any case, you are on the safe side.

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